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Dermot Kennedy – Better Days (Lyrics)

What is Dermot Kennedy’s better days about?

On describing the track, Dermot explained “This is a song about patience. It’s about believing in something brighter, and never losing sight of better days, no matter how hard things might get.

What is Dermot Kennedy’s best song?

‘Outnumbered’ is Dermot Kennedy’s most famous song. The song which was released in June 2019 reached Number 6 in the UK, and Number 2 in his native Ireland.

How old is Dermot Kennedy?

30 years (December 13, 1991)

When did Onerepublic better days Release?


Is Dermot Kennedy in a relationship?

Dermot isn’t married – yet! He’s reportedly engaged to a long-term girlfriend, and although this hasn’t been confirmed anywhere, he did post a picture in June 2017 of himself next to a woman and pulling his trousers up with a jump, writing the caption, ‘Find you somebody who makes you levitate. ‘

Is Dermot Oleary married?

Personal life. O’Leary married his long-term girlfriend, Dee Koppang, in Chiddingstone in September 2012. They have one son, who was born in June 2020.

What should I wear to a Dermot Kennedy concert?

  • Wear layers that can be easily carried/tied around the waist. For the Dermot Kennedy concert, I wore a long sleeve shirt and a cozy flannel over it.
  • Wear a light jacket if it’s really cold.
  • Stow hats/gloves/a scarf in clever places.
  • Always wear pants.
  • Put on Warm Shoes.

What nationality is Dermot Kennedy?


Where in Ireland is Dermot Kennedy from?

Dublin, Ireland

What guitar does Dermot Kennedy play?

The Taylor big baby is a wonderful dreadnought acoustic. It is slightly smaller than a full size guitar and is great for everyday use or for taking on the road. Dermot is an avid fan of this guitar and you will see him using this on tour.

How many songs does Dermot Kennedy have?

Dermot Kennedy discography

What type of music is Dermot Kennedy?


Where did Dermot Kennedy go to school?

Maynooth University

Who was better days written about?

The song was inspired by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic upending lives across the globe according to frontman Ryan Tedder, who said, “We were in the final week of our fifth album deadline when a global pandemic was declared by the WHO.

When was better days by Neiked released?


Is Mae Muller American?

Holly Mae Muller (born 26 August 1997) is an English singer-songwriter.

Who is Mae Muller signed to?

Capitol Records

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