Are any Nelson DeMille books movies?

Was the book Plum Island made into a movie?

When “Uncanny Harbor” is screened at its world premiere this weekend in Beverly, the film should seem familiar to locals, because most of it was shot on Plum Island.

Was the charm school made into a movie?

The Charm School is a lost 1921 American silent comedy film starring Wallace Reid. Produced by Famous Players-Lasky and distributed through Paramount Pictures this James Cruze directed film was based on a 1920 Broadway stage play and novel by Alice Duer Miller that starred veteran actress Minnie Dupree.

Is there a sequel to the charm school?

The Nelson DeMille Collection: Volume 2: Plum Island, The Charm School, and Word of Honor: Demille, Nelson, Various: 9780739339725: Books.

Will there be a John Corey TV series?

ABC has given a script commitment plus penalty to John Corey, a drama series project based on DeMille’s book series about the brash, quick-witted, and cocky NYPD homicide detective set in today’s social environment.

What is the book Plum Island about?

Plum Island is a fictional novel about a convalescing New York Police homicide detective named John Corey, who gets involved in a multiple murder investigation while he is supposed to be recovering from serious wounds.

Is there a Plum Island?

Plum Island is an island in the town of Southold in Suffolk County, New York, in the United States. The island is situated in Gardiners Bay, east of Orient Point, off the eastern end of the North Fork coast of Long Island. It is about 3 miles (4.8 km) long and 1 mile (1.6 km) wide at its widest point.

Who wrote Plum Island?

Nelson DeMille is a former U.S. Army lieutenant who served in Vietnam and is the author of nineteen acclaimed novels, including the #1 New York Times bestsellers Night Fall, Plum Island, The Gate House, The Lion, The Panther and Radiant Angel.

In what order should I read Nelson DeMille books?

  • Plum Island. by Nelson DeMille.
  • The Lion’s Game. by Nelson DeMille.
  • Night Fall. by Nelson DeMille.
  • Wild Fire. by Nelson DeMille.
  • The Lion. by Nelson DeMille.
  • The Panther. by Nelson DeMille.
  • Radiant Angel. by Nelson DeMille.

Do you have to read Dennis Lehane books in order?

Reading the Dennis Lehane books in order is not important for his stand along novels, but it is worthwhile reading his series in the right chronological order.

What is the last Nelson DeMille book?

DeMille’s Latest Novels – DeMille’s most recent works include Corey’s last adventure. The Panther, written in 2012, portrays the life of the anti-terrorist task force agent Corey with his wife Kate Mayfiled, an FBI agent, in Yemen, one of the most dangerous and dysfunctional places in the Middle East.

What book comes after the Lions game?

The 2000 novel The Lion’s Game is the sequel to Plum Island and is followed by the 2004 book Night Fall.

Was The Gold Coast book made into a movie?

Nelson DeMille, best-selling author of “The Gold Coast,” is almost as disappointed that the movie version never got made as the investors who lost millions in the project are.

What movies have been filmed on The Gold Coast?

  • Reef Break (Series)
  • Godzilla vs. Kong (feature)
  • Bloody Hell (feature)
  • Dora and the Lost City of Gold (Feature)
  • Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan (Feature)
  • Legend of the Sun and Moon (Feature)
  • Lunatics (Series)
  • At Last (Feature)

Is there a new Daniel Silva book?

Spread the word, because on July 19th, 2022, Gabriel Allon is back in Portrait of an Unknown Woman, the latest novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Daniel Silva.

What is the gate house about?

Plot. After John Sutter’s aristocratic wife killed her Mafia don lover, John left America and set out in his sailboat on a three-year journey around the world, eventually settling in London.

When was the deserter published?

His debut novel The Deserter, co-written with his father, best-selling author Nelson DeMille, will be published by Simon & Schuster October 22, 2019. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and daughter.

What is the book Gold Coast about?

The Gold Coast is a novel detailing the life of John Sutter and his life over approximately one year. Sutter is a resident of the North Shore of Long Island, or what is sometimes known as The Gold Coast, an area where the extremely wealthy have lived for many years.

How many pages are in The Gold Coast?

First edition
AuthorNelson DeMille
Publication dateApril 1, 1990

Was up country made into a movie?

Up Country is a sequel to The General’s Daughter (1992), filmed with John Travolta as DeMille’s Army homicide detective Paul Brenner. Despite DeMille liking the film, it stuck closely to his plot and was a gloomy dud.

Is the movie country based on a true story?

Budget$10 million
Box office$9.64 million (United States)

Did Nelson DeMille serve in Vietnam?

DeMille served in the U.S. Army from 1966 to 1969 and earned the rank of First Lieutenant. Part of that time was served during the Vietnam War (in Quang Tri Provence, from November ’67 to December ’68). During his army career, Nelson was awarded with the Bronze Star, Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, and the Air Medal.

What is the movie country about?

Jewell (Jessica Lange) and Gil Ivy (Sam Shepard) run a farm in Iowa that has been in the family for generations. The Ivy’s make enough to get by until two devastating events threaten to take their land away. First, a tornado tears through the farming community and devastates the area, then the Farmers Home Administration calls in loans owed by most of the area’s farmers, which most are in no position to repay. The stress buckles Gil, leaving Jewell to figure out a way to save their way of life.

Where did the movie Country take place?

This movie observes ordinary American lives carefully, and passionately. The family lives on a farm in Iowa. Times are hard, and times are now. This isn’t a movie about symbolic farmers living in some colorful American past.


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