Are EGG BBQ worth it?

Kamado grills, including the Big Green Egg, are designed to maintain low temperatures for long, slow cooking and produce a roaring fire for searing steaks or grilling pizzas. When we tested the Big Green Egg for both capabilities, it did extremely well, like the other grills in its class.

What is so good about an egg BBQ?

Versatile Cooking – Lower the temperature to smoke brisket, ribs, wings, or delicious side dishes. Due to its ability to retain heat and moisture, the egg also allows you to roast poultry, lamb, beef and vegetables without losing any of the flavor.

Are ceramic BBQ any good?

Their key feature is versatility and the ceramic construction offers great heat retention. You can use your kamado to grill, smoke, roast, bake and even cook pizza. It’s truly an all-round grill. While it may not be the best unit in any of these categories it does all these things well.

Is the Green Egg grill gas or charcoal?

Unlike tradition gas grills that use gas and are made from metal, the Big Green Egg is fuelled by natural lump charcoal and made from shuttle-quality ceramic that retains heat and moisture better than any other cooking unit today.

Is the Big Green Egg worth it UK?

The Big Green Egg is definitely worth the purchase. Yes, it’s a bit pricey, but so are all the other kamado-style grills. Besides, once you buy a Big Green Egg, you won’t need to (or want to) buy another grill for the rest of your life. Like many other people, I give the Large Big Green Egg a five-star rating.

Is the egg smoker worth it?

So, is the Big Green Egg worth it? We think if you can afford it, the answer is absolutely. It’s a legendary name for a reason. It’s a grill that’ll last you a lifetime while still delivering an absolutely delicious product.

Is Big Green Egg charcoal worth it?

Big Block Charcoal is a really great option. It was designed by the brand Kamado Joe, so it was specifically made to work in ceramic grills like the Big Green Egg. It is exceptional quality and for that reason, it can also be really hard to find in stock. It’s a good, reliable choice if you can find it.


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