Are garden boxes better?

With raised garden beds, you have better control over the condition, quality, and texture of your soil. Rather than simply working with what you’ve got, raised beds can be filled with an ideal soil that your plants will love.

Is it better to plant in raised beds or the ground?

Longer growing season: Raised beds warm up more quickly in the spring and drain better (assuming the soil is properly prepared), allowing for a longer growing season and better growing conditions. Particularly in the South, a properly prepared raised bed allows plant roots to breathe.

Should you line a raised garden bed?

You should line a raised garden bed, since the pros outweigh the cons. A liner for your raised garden bed insulates the soil against extreme temperatures, keeps moles & gophers out, and prevents weeds from growing. A raised bed liner also allows water to drain away without taking soil with it.

Why beds are raised off the ground?

It’s cooler for sleeping: The same reason beds were raised off the floor can be a reason to keep them on the floor: it is cooler. Especially in summer or a hot climate, sleeping on the floor is a natural coolant, and sleeping cooler supports better sleep and feels good overall.

What are the advantages of garden boxes?

  • Less weeds.
  • Better water retention in areas that have super-sandy soil.
  • Better drainage in areas with clay soils.
  • More growing space.
  • No soil compaction from human feet.
  • Warmer soil earlier in the season.
  • Warmer soil for a longer season.

Why are raised beds so popular?

Raised beds are great for beginners. Raised beds provide an easy way to start gardening by removing many barriers for beginners. They take a little bit more investment up front, but in many ways guarantee success in the first year. Add a box, some soil, some compost, some seeds, some water, and something will grow.


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