Are Pessoa saddles made in France?

Special calfskin covered flaps create the most elegant of all Pessoa Saddles. Made in French ‘Chaumont’ with calfskin-covered flap, seat and knee pads. Call us at 203-557-3285 or 800-888-USA1(8721) for expert advice and the lowest price!

Where is Pessoa saddle made?

He built this saddle for his son, Rodrigo, in his early years and it remains today the ideal saddle for the young rider serious about his or her sport. Features hand finished cowhide, triangle knee rolls, Bayflex panels, and X-Change Interchangeable Gullet System. Made in Argentina.

How does a Pessoa work?

It’s designed to be used during lungeing only. HOW DOES IT WORK? In effect it creates a connection between the hindquarters and the bit. The tensioner and its supporting lines put gentle pressure on the quarters, encouraging the horse to step further under, and so stretch and lift the back muscles.

What saddle brands have adjustable trees?

One of the most popular adjustable saddles on the market today are those with adjustable gullets such as Kent and Masters, Fairfax, Thorowgood, Wintec, Bates, John Whitaker and Pessoa.

Do Pessoa Saddles have wool flocking?

With the perfection of the AMS system, some Pessoa saddles are now offered with synthetic wool flocking for those who prefer this type of panel over the Bayflex foam panels.

What does flocked saddle mean?

Flock saddles are designed with panels containing flock (wool or synthetic fill) which needs to be stuffed to ensure panels fit evenly across the horses back. Flocking can be time consuming and requires mastered skill to ensure consistent flocking on both sides of the saddle.

What is a Pessoa saddle?

LEATHERS. Nelson Pessoa Saddles feature calfskin seats, knee pads and panels, and top-of-the-line flap leathers, selected for the highest level of wear-ability, flexibility and consistency of finish. Rodrigo Pessoa Saddles feature soft cowhide seats, knee pads and panels, with quality cowhide and calf flap leathers.

How do you adjust a Pessoa saddle?

How to Change a Pessoa Gullet Plate – YouTube

Can Barnsby saddles be adjusted?

It is manufactured from aerospace composite materials as used in F1 cars so is exceptionally lightweight. The saddle can be adjusted in about 10 minutes and has infinite lifetime adjustability.


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