Are the characters in bewilderment black?

Two characters identified as Black play briefly but significantly into the narrative arc of “Bewilderment.” On the depth spectrum, I’d say they occupy spots somewhere between extras and archetypes; their choices help Powers trip the switch on certain narrative inevitabilities, but, by and large, the bewilderment of the

What happens to Robin in bewilderment?

Theo finds Robin injured and freezing in the river. Unable to get him to safety in time, Robin dies. The book ends with Martin Currier texting a very depressed Theo after the funeral. He asks if Theo wants “to be with” Robin (by training using Robin’s brain scans).

Is DVAU a real planet?

Dvau is a planet like Earth, but without a large moon to stabilise its rotation it can’t support life beyond a microscopic level. Falasha is an orphan with no sun, a planet so dark that life (in the form of crabs and worms) only thrives near the hydrothermal vents at the bottom of its oceans.

Is there a planet named pelagos?

The list is long. Theo’s named planets alone are Dvau, Falasha, Pelagos, Geminus, Stasis, Isola, Tedia, Chromat, Mios, Nithar, Similis and Xenia.

Which Richard Powers book should I read first?

1The Overstory by Richard Powers 4.12 avg rating — 121,989 ratings score: 993, and 10 people voted
3Galatea 2.2 by Richard Powers 3.74 avg rating — 2,813 ratings score: 687, and 7 people voted
4Generosity: An Enhancement by Richard Powers 3.57 avg rating — 2,100 ratings score: 576, and 6 people voted

How many pages is bewilderment by Richard Powers?

Publisher:Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.
Publication date:11/26/2021
Edition description:Signed Edition


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