Are there rules for abstract painting?

  • Don’t look at the clock.
  • Don’t talk about your five-year-old.
  • Don’t insult the artist’s imagination.
  • Don’t mind the title.
  • Do read the wall text.
  • Do let the painting reach out to you.
  • Don’t stress about feeling something.
  • Don’t ask all of the questions just yet.

Does abstract art have any rules?

Build your abstract painting on a solid compositional structure. This is the fun part—use whatever materials and whatever technique you have at hand to support the first two steps. Finally realize, as with all creative work, there are no hard and fast rules, except the ones you make for yourself.

What is the difference between good and bad abstract art?

Good abstract art involves mastery – An expert hand knows how to use these elements to create artwork that pulses with life and movement—artwork that leaps off the canvas. Bad abstract art simply doesn’t have the same quality.

What makes abstract art unique?

Rather than focusing on the truthful depiction or realistic imitation of an object, abstract art looks at other non-objective artistic elements of shape, form, color, and line. Abstract techniques have been used by artists to explore ideas beyond the canvas and our physical reality.

What are the principles of abstract painting?

  • Balance.
  • Emphasis.
  • Rhythm/pattern.
  • Unity.
  • Variety.
  • Contrast.
  • Movement.
  • Surprise, individual voice, or soul.

What are the rules of composition in art?

  • Shape and proportion.
  • Positioning/orientation/balance/harmony among the elements.
  • The area within the field of view used for the picture (“cropping”)
  • The path or direction followed by the viewer’s eye when they observe the image.
  • Negative space.

How do you judge an abstract painting?

  1. Finding pieces of quality might take some effort.
  2. Recognize the Intention.
  3. Find Conscious Composition.
  4. Notice Meaningful Use of Color.
  5. Spot Deliberate Textures.
  6. Understand History and Significance.

What are the differences between abstraction in painting and abstract painting?

While both share the departure from the representational or literal depiction of objects, scenes, figures, etc., abstraction implies that the work still has roots in the physical. Say, an abstraction of flowers or figures. Abstract art, on the other hand, has a clean break from reality.


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