Are treeless saddles good for horses backs?

Elite (equine) athletes require support, comfort and protection to perform optimally. Without a tree, a bareback pad/treeless saddle cannot protect the horse’s spine, support the curvature of the rider’s spine, and be comfortable for both horse and rider.

What is the advantage of a treeless saddle?

Pros of Treeless Saddles – Without tree points putting pressure on the horse’s shoulders as they move, many horse owners find that their horses’ strides are longer and freer, allowing better quality of movement in performance horses. A treeless saddle may flex and move with a horse’s motion.

How should a saddle fit a horse?

Western Saddle Fit – the Essentials – YouTube

Do treeless saddles fit all horses?

Since a trainer is on and off eight to ten horses a day, a treeless saddle can adapt to the different horse’s backs. Treeless saddles are also great for the rider with multiple horses. It just depends on the body weight of the rider and how hard and long you ride.

How do you saddle a horse with a sway back?

If a slight bridge exists, then use a shimmable pad with bridging shims inserted to “fill in” the gap. Contact of the saddle panels on the horses back must be even along the top-line. If the horse is a true sway, then this will make the horse more comfortable and offer a more permanent solution.

How do you prevent kissing spines in horses?

Treatment for kissing spines begins with making the horse more comfortable. This may be achieved through pain reduction, muscle relaxation, and exercises to stretch and strengthen back and abdominal muscles, stabilize posture, and improve mobility.

Are treeless saddles good for wide horses?

This type of saddle is also great for a horse who is hard to fit. If your horse has a very wide back or uneven shoulders, treeless saddles may be the answer.

How do I know if my horse has a kissing spine?

  1. Shows anxiety on the crossties such as shifting weight, bowel movements, etc.
  2. Resents grooming, especially over the back area.
  3. Drops or dips the back when the saddle is placed on it.
  4. Acts irritable or bites the air or the crossties when the girth is tightened.
  5. Makes it difficult to mount.

Are treeless saddles good for mules?

A treeless saddle, particularly of a less structured type or a type that will break in and mold to the mule’s back, may also be a good fit. Some mules have very flat withers, like a donkey, and this may also be combined with a downhill conformation (withers lower than hips).

Does a horse need a saddle?

Saddles aren’t bad for horses but actually benefit horses by dispersing the riders’ weight. Saddles are necessary because without a saddle, the rider doesn’t have a firm seat, and even a sixteen-year-old could feel three times heavier than her weight without a saddle.


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