Dancing in Zambia?

What are traditional dances in Zambia? CEREMONY DISTRICT TRIBE Kulamba Kubwalo Chibombo Lenje Musaka Jikubi Mumbwa Kaonde Ikubi Lya Malumbe-Munyama Mumbwa Kaonde Ila Ichibwela Mushi Mkushi Bisa/Swaka/Lala What is Zambian dance called? Mooba dance of the Lenje ethnic group of Central Province of Zambia. What is Mganda dance? Mganda (view on YouTube) Synchronizing their movements … Read more

Who Came Up With TikTok Dances?

In January 2020, 14-year-old Jalaiah Harmon created what would become one of the biggest viral dance sensations on TikTok. But few users knew that Harmon, who is Black, invented the dance, which she dubbed the Renegade – at least not until a month later, when The New York Times drew attention to her case. Where … Read more

Dancing in Yakuza?

How do you dance in Yakuza? When you can, press L1 on the controller when your voltage meter is full. This will activate ‘Dancing Fever’. Successfully complete the four direction prompts and you’ll net an easy 800 points. You can do this up to 3 times in a dance battle playthrough. Can Kiryu and Majima … Read more