Can I use frozen blueberries in a cake?

In fact, berries are often baked or made into jam when they’re overripe and too soft, so there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using frozen berries for baking.

Can I add frozen blueberries to a cake mix?

Yes, you can absolutely use frozen blueberries. Just be sure to use them frozen and be really gentle when stirring them into the batter.

Can you add fresh raspberries to cake mix?

You can definitely use fresh raspberries instead! When the raspberries are almost ready, you can mix up the chocolate cake batter. Mix the cake mix, eggs, sour cream and oil together with an electric mixer.

How do you make frozen blueberries taste better?

For a refreshing beverage, throw frozen blueberries in sparkling water or lemonade and they act as tasty little ice-cubes. Or add a handful to a cup of vanilla yoghurt – you’ll end up with a thin coating around each blueberry that tastes a lot like ice cream!

How do you keep blueberries from bleeding in scones?

Coating the berries with a spoonful of the recipe’s dry ingredients prevents sinking. Instead, it helps the berries adhere to the batter, keeping them well distributed throughout the muffin. And if you’re using frozen blueberries, the flour will also help minimize how much the berries bleed into the batter.


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