Can TruGreen save my lawn?

Yes, indeed! We stand by our product and offer our Healthy Lawn Guarantee. This includes visiting your property outside of scheduled visits to make any necessary adjustments to ensure a healthy lawn and your satisfaction.

Does TruGreen lawn care really work?

Overall, we give TruGreen a score of 97 out of 100. We believe it’s the best lawn care company in the industry. TruGreen offers customers flexibility with five different lawn care programs and is available in 49 states.

What grass does TruGreen use?

Festuca arundinacea. Tall Fescue is a cool-season turf grass that is well-adapted to either sunny or partially shaded areas. Known for its durability as well as its tolerance to traffic, heat and drought, it can be found in home lawns across North America.

Is lawn Doctor the same as TruGreen?

Is Lawn Doctor the same as TruGreen? Lawn Doctor is not the same as TruGreen—these are two distinct lawn care services available for fertilization, weed control, and other yard treatments. TruGreen is available in 48 states, while Lawn Doctor is available in 40 states.

Does TruGreen aerate?

Fall is the perfect time to aerate your lawn to ensure your beautiful lawn is in tip top shape for next spring. Schedule your aeration service today with TruGreen. So, you’ve decided to aerate your lawn – go you! Fall is actually the perfect time to schedule this service.

Does TruGreen treat for Moss?

You’ll learn what you need to know, from how to apply dish soap to dethatching—and how to prevent moss from coming back. Once you kill off the unwanted moss, The This Old House Reviews Team recommends a lawn care provider like TruGreen to keep your lawn in tip-top shape.

Why do they poke holes in grass?

It’s important to aerate – essentially, poke holes in – your lawn at least once a year. Aeration loosens up the soil, improves drainage and air flow around the plants, and it promotes root depth and root growth. We bet you’ll see thicker grass growth and healthier color in your lawn just a week or two after you aerate.

Should I fertilize my own lawn?

The soil supplies turfgrass with some essential nutrients, but most soils can’t provide everything your lawn needs throughout the whole growing season. An actively growing lawn uses a great deal of energy from these nutrients. Lawn fertilizer helps your grass stay healthy by: Promoting new leaf and root growth.

How do you treat crabgrass in the summer?

  1. Fertilize Your Lawn Regularly.
  2. Use Crabgrass Preventer on Your Lawn.
  3. Make Sure Your Lawn is Getting Enough Water.
  4. Raise Your Mower Blade.
  5. Use Herbicide on Existing Crabgrass.
  6. Pull the Crabgrass Out By Hand.

Are grubs normal?

If you count 10 or more grubs per square foot, you have a serious infestation. Finding a few grubs is normal and not cause for concern.

What happened to ChemLawn?

ChemLawn is a name-brand lawn care provider that no longer exists. After a troubled past, the company was acquired, rebranded, and became TruGreen after fixing all issues. TruGreen is now recognized as the leading residential lawn care company in the country.

Is TruGreen a publicly traded company?

Memphis, TN-based TruGreen is a privately owned company. The TruGreen-Scotts marriage combined the second largest (TruGreen) and fourth largest (Scotts) landscaping companies in the U.S., based on rankings compiled in 2015 by Lawn & Landscape.

What chemical does TruGreen use?

TruGreen uses glyphosate, classified as probably carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, as well as a weedkiller with a label warning of “irreversible eye damage” and “allergic reactions,” and a neurotoxic insecticide, according to Beyond Pesticides.

What fertilizer does TruGreen use?

In addition, natural minerals such as potash may be part of the formula. The TruGreen TruNaturalLawn Plan uses 100% natural fertilizer that encourages healthy grass growth. This all-natural way to care for your lawn does not use traditional weed control.

Does TruGreen use Scotts products?

Does TruGreen use Scotts Lawn Care products? The TruGreen website doesn’t specify if the company uses Scotts products. It says, “The products we approve for company use contain the same ingredients found in lawn care products that tens of millions of homeowners buy annually at lawn and garden outlets.

Is it best to fertilize lawn before or after mowing?

Ideally, you’ll want to mow and rake before fertilizing, so that excess lawn waste is removed and the fertilizer will have an easier time reaching the soil. Aerating your soil before fertilizing can also help; the best times to aerate are when your grass is actively growing, such as in spring or early fall.

What does TruGreen actually do?

TruGreen is a company that offers lawn and garden services as an annual subscription package. They send one of their own specialists to wherever you are in the United States (excluding Alaska) and they can solve a host of problems for you.

How long does it take TruGreen spray to dry?

After a service, TruGreen advises customers to allow the application to dry before their families and pets can resume enjoying their lawns. Depending on weather conditions, the drying process usually takes from 1-2 hours.

Is TruGreen safe for bees?

TruGreen is safe for bees if you choose their fertilization services. However, they have a pesticide and an herbicide service that are both dangerous for bees. If you want to keep the bees safe, it’s best that you only request fertilizing and general lawn trimming services.

Does TruGreen have an app?

TruGreen’s Lawn Care App: Schedule Service, Digital Service Notifications & More. Manage your lawn’s needs on the go, anytime, anywhere. With the TruGreen lawn service app, you’ll be able to access, update, and provide feedback in one convenient place.

Is organic lawn care safe for dogs?

In fact, despite being derived from plant and animal byproducts, organic fertilizer can still harm pets. No fertilizer is safe to ingest — even organic fertilizer — and pets, particularly dogs, are at an increased risk for finding the smell (and maybe even taste) of fertilizer enticing.

Can dogs go on grass after fertilized?

Like children, dogs and other pets also enjoy playing and running through the grass. But after fertilizing, it’s also best practice to limit their use of the lawn for 24-72 hours.

How long after lawn treatment is it safe for pets?

How to Keep Your Pet Safe from Lawn Pesticides. If you think you have no other option than to use pesticides on your lawn, the only thing you can do to keep your pet safe is to keep it off of your lawn for at least 48 hours after the lawn treatment.

When can I mow the lawn after fertilizing?

Doing anything too drastic on your lawn, such as cutting your grass, will disrupt this process. We always suggest to our clients that they wait 24 to 48 hours before mowing their lawn after fertilization. Ideally, our customers have mowed right before we fertilized their lawn, so this waiting period won’t be an issue.


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