Can you be a tall pole dancer?

Extremely tall pole dancers are not commonly seen within the pole community, whether male or female. The vast majority of dancers tend to be smaller in stature.

How tall can a stripper pole be?

It can be set at heights ranging from 44.5”/113cm to 108.3”/275cm to accommodate different ceiling height. SUBSTANTIAL QUALITY WITH FINE WORKMANSHIP: The dancing pole is constructed of seamless steel tubes in glossy chrome finish, featuring a smooth surface to ensure the safety of your every move.

How do you build a pole dancing pole?

How Make a Dance Pole for $25

How much room do you need for pole dancing?

Evaluate your Space – Try to aim to have clear floor space within a 2.5 feet radius of the pole. A 4-5 foot radius is ideal, but 2-2.5 foot is the very minimum you will need to perform tricks where you’ll be very close to the pole. Ideally, you want as much space around the pole as possible.

How tall is a pole for dancing?

Both the X-Pole Sport and Xpert models come ready for room heights between 2235mm (7′ 4”) to 2745mm (9″), for higher ceilings you can buy extension tubes to increase the pole height.

How strong do you have to be to be a pole dancer?

You don’t need to start pole dancing with a high level of fitness. A lot of people worry and think they are not strong enough to hold themselves up. While you will work towards moves when you hold your own body weight, a lot of spins use your momentum to get you round the pole, rather than your strength.


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