Can you grill under a pergola?

A grill can be placed under a pergola as long as there is an adequate flow of air and the hot air has room to cool. Grill manufacturers generally recommend having a 3-foot buffer from the grill to other objects.

Can you cook under a pergola?

There’s no better way to prepare a meal than in the beauty of the outdoors under your residential pergola. The fully-extruded aluminum design of StruXture residential pergolas is heat-resistant and grill-friendly, making it the perfect spot to prepare and enjoy a meal.

Can I grill under my deck?

Grill-maker Weber offers similar advice: “Always keep your grill at least 5 feet from any combustible materials, including your house, garage, deck rails and car. Never use a grill indoors or under a covered patio.”

Does my outdoor kitchen need to be covered?

An outdoor kitchen is exposed to the elements. Even if you don’t use it often, the appliances and surfaces will need to be covered and maintained to withstand changing weather.

Can I grill under my gazebo?

Due to the lack of clearance and ventilation in a gazebo, it is not recommended that you use a barbecue or grill for safety precautions. Barbecuing under a gazebo is unsafe and would be classified as a fire hazard and risk to the cook and any guests near or under the gazebo.

Can you put a smoker under a canopy?

I’ve used my smoker under canopies multiple times, never seen any damage done.


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