Can you use a close contact saddle pad with a all-purpose saddle?

An all-purpose saddle pad is typically bigger and has a slightly contoured shape that remains more straight at the front of the pad. This is because it must fit an all-purpose saddle, which is a hybrid between a dressage and a close-contact saddle.

What is a close contact saddle pad used for?

Close contact saddles are used for hunt seat events such as hunt seat equitation, hunter under saddle, fox hunting, and both hunters and jump- ers. These saddles accommodate a bent knee, shorter stirrup leathers and a rider in a half-seat or two-point position.

What is a close contact Numnah?

Product Details. The LeMieux plain close contact Numnah is designed to fit a wide range of more forward cut jumping saddles offering the competitive rider modern style & performance. The closely fitting cut mean there is minimal pad making it lightweight and less bulky.

How should a saddle pad fit a horse?

Proper Saddle Pad Fit – YouTube

What is a Monoflap saddle?

A monoflap saddle (Fig 1) has a single flap with the girth straps emerging on its underside and the stirrup leathers lying on the outside. Advantages that have been ascribed to the monoflap saddle include a reduction in saddle weight and closer contact between the rider’s leg and the horse’s ribcage.

What is the difference between a close contact saddle and an all-purpose?

Close contact seats generally have a more shallow seat than a dressage saddle or an all-purpose saddle in order for the rider to easily stand up for the correct half seat position over the fence. One will see these in the jumper ring, hunter/jumper ring and in eventing.

Can you use a dressage pad with an all-purpose saddle?

Can you use a dressage pad with an all-purpose saddle? Different saddle pads are designed for different riding disciplines. A pad made for an all-purpose saddle will not fit well under a dressage saddle, but any English discipline besides dressage typically allows the use of shaped patterns instead.

Can I use a pony saddle pad on a horse?

Pony size saddles pads will be 3-4 inches smaller in each dimension. This universal sizing is possible because of the relatively small variance in saddle size. A 15 hand horse can wear the same saddle pad as a 17 hand horse because the seat size of a saddle is matched to the rider, not the horse.

What are Numnahs used for?

Also referred to as a Saddle Blanket, Saddle Cloth or Numnah, a saddle pad is the blanket-like material sitting beneath a saddle, protecting your horse from impact associated with riding and jumping.

What is an all-purpose saddle for?

All-purpose-saddles are used mainly for trail riding, recreational riding, fox hunting and cross-country horseback riding. These kinds of saddles are comfortable for long rides. CLOSE CONTACT SADDLES are designed for classic equitation.


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