Can You Use a Crossbow During Archery Season in NY?

Crossbows may be used to take deer during: early antlerless season in mid-September. early and late muzzleloader season in the Northern Zone and late muzzleloader season in the Southern Zone using Bow/Muzz tags, DMPs, DMAP tags, or an unfilled Regular Big Game tag (late season only);

Is a crossbow legal in NY?

Crossbows may be used only by licensees who are 14 years of age or older. With landowner permission, crossbows may be discharged within 250 feet of a home, school building or playground, public structure, farm structure in use, or occupied factory or church.

Did NYS crossbow pass bill?

New York Senate Bill 7747 (S7747) would allow youth hunters ages 12-16 and senior hunters ages 55+ to hunt with a crossbow during special archery seasons. The bill also removes current minimum limb width and maximum draw weight restrictions.

How long is crossbow season in NY?

Northern ZoneBrown shaded portionOct. 13 – Oct. 22
Southern ZoneOrange shaded portionNov. 6 – Nov. 19 (Not in WMUs 3S, 4J or 8C)
Green shaded portionNov. 6 – Nov. 19
Westchester County (lt. blue shaded)

Can a felon own a crossbow in New York State?

State Laws and Felon Crossbow Ownership

There are always exceptions to every rule. Not all states allow felons to possess crossbows, such as New York, which doesn’t allow felons to own weapons period.

How old do you have to be to own a crossbow NY?

You must be 14 years or older, have a Standard Hunter Education course that has been completed after April 1st (and which is offered by DEC), or an equivalent DEC-approved online course. A few other things to keep in mind: – Taking any kind of fish (including carp) is NOT legal with a crossbow in New York.

What hunting season is it in New York?

Early Bowhunting/Bowhunting OnlySept. 27-Jan. 31**
CrossbowOct. 13-Nov. 19**
Regular FirearmsOct. 23-Dec. 12**
Late BowhuntingDec. 6-Jan. 1**
MuzzleloadingOct. 16-Jan. 1**

Can you use a crossbow during rifle season in PA?

The adopted changes will allow the use of crossbows during the regular firearms deer season Statewide, and during bear and elk seasons.

Can you hunt turkey with a crossbow in NY?

You may hunt with a bow or crossbow, but you may not hunt turkey with a crossbow in the fall in the Northern Zone if you are using dogs. A crossbow may not be used in Westchester or Suffolk counties. You may hunt with a shotgun or handgun only when using shot no larger than #2 and no smaller than #8.

Are crossbows legal in NJ?

New Jersey

Crossbows are legal in any bow and arrow hunting season and other hunting seasons for all species where the use of bow and arrow is allowed. Crossbows must have a minimum draw weight of 75 pounds and a minimum stock length of 25 inches.

Is crossbow considered archery?

Using a crossbow for hunting is legal during all gun seasons. While a crossbow is not considered an archery weapon in California, it can be used as one (during archery season) by people with a disability or disease that makes it impossible for them to manually draw and hold the draw on a regular, vertical bow.

Are crossbows legal in Cal?

Owning a crossbow in California is legal. You must also know that they don’t recognize crossbows as archery equipment when it comes to hunting. Instead, crossbows are treated as firearms.

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