What Are the Causes of Blobs When 3D Printing?

Why is my 3D printing blobs? A blob arises when the filament is still under pressure in the print head when a layer is finished. This results in a short burst of over extrusion: a blob, (also known as Z-scaring or Z-seam). It can also occur, at the beginning of or within a layer. How … Read more

How to 3D Print a Portrait?

Can you 3D print a drawing? If you can make a simple drawing, then you can make a 3D Printed part. Getting from your sketch to a final 3D Printed part requires just one step in between: creating a 3D Model in STL file format. See this blog post to learn a little more about … Read more

Does Engine Restore Additive Work?

Engine Restore Work: Does it t Engine Restore Work? Yes, it actually works. additive is applied, the compression is completely evened out, going through compression tests on the engine before and after using Engine Restore. When the engine is at freeway speeds, it becomes smoother and more powerful. Is engine restore good for an engine? … Read more

What Is a 3D Printer Motor?

Stepper motors are an important part of 3D printers. They are used in a variety of applications depending on the type of printer. For example, stepper motors are used to move the extruder or the build platform alone the x, y, and z axis. How does a 3D printer motor work? Can a 3D printer … Read more

Where Is the 3D Printed House in Austin?

ICON, the company to first sell ready-to-own 3D homes in the US, worked with San Antonio and Austin-based architecture studio Lake Flato to design House Zero. The home is sited in a single-family residential neighbourhood in East Austin, Texas, and was built using ICON’s Vulcan construction system. How much are the 3D-printed houses in Austin? … Read more

What Is Hatch Spacing Additive Manufacturing?

Scan spacing is the separation between two consecutive laser beams. It is also called hatch spacing or hatch distance (15). As shown in Figure 11, it is measured by a distance from the center of one beam to the center of the next beam. What is Hatch in 3D printing? The line-based halftoning principle called … Read more

How to Adjust Size of 3D Print?

Can you resize 3D prints? In 3D printing, size really doesn’t matter. If you like a 3D object, you can scale it up or down easily and print at exactly the size you need. Unlike items sold in a store, you have total control over the size of what you make. How do I resize … Read more

Where Can I Find 3D Glass Printing Near Me?

Can 3D printer print glass? Glass 3D Printing 2 (G3DP 2) enables an entirely unique means of digital design and fabrication with glass. It is a high fidelity, large-scale, additive manufacturing technology for 3D printing optically transparent glass structures at architectural dimensions. Can you 3D print clear? Yes! Multi-material 3D printing technology makes creating custom … Read more

How to Make 3D Printed T-Shirts?

How do you make 3D printed t-shirts? Select your model. Slice your model and convert to gCode. Place one side of your shirt on the build plate. Start your print. Wait. Hooray your print is done! Is it possible to 3D printed clothing? 3D printing is offering great advantages for the fashion industry, from 3D … Read more

How to Thread 3D Printed Parts?

How do you thread a 3D printed part? Can 3D printed material be threaded? 3D Printed Threads Pros: Can work to prototype larger threads and custom thread designs. Cons: Not a durable or reusable fastening solution, especially at smaller scale. 3D printing threads works better with our Standard Resins than Tough because they’re much harder. … Read more