Is 3D Printer Filament Paintable?

Can you paint over filament? For models printed from nylon filament, instead of trying to get paint to stick on the surface, we recommend dyeing. Note that this will not work at all on other materials. Although PLA is hygroscopic and will absorb some amount of water from its surroundings, it can’t be colored by … Read more

What is the Best 3D Printer Filament for the Fortus?

What is a Fortus? A fetus or foetus (/ˈfiːtəs/; plural fetuses, feti, foetuses, or foeti) is the unborn offspring that develops from an animal embryo. Following embryonic development the fetal stage of development takes place. How long is 1KG PLA filament last? According to Rigid Ink, based on PLA having a density of 1.25g/ml a … Read more

3D Printer Filament Servo?

Do 3D printers use servo? There’s another type of motor that is occasionally found in more expensive 3D printers: The servo motor. These devices are more expensive because they have the ability to provide real time feedback on their position, and thus could allow a controller to detect a misposition and attempt to compensate. Are … Read more

3D Printer Filament Meter?

How many meters is a 3D printer filament? Let’s start with an approximate measurement of 1.75mm PLA length for a 1kg roll of filament. A standard roll of 1.75mm PLA filament will contain approximately 330 meters or 1080 feet of filament. A standard roll of 3.0mm filament will contain approximately 110 meters or 360 feet … Read more

3D Printer Resin Filter?

How do you filter 3D print resin? Do you have to filter resin after every print? You don’t have to filter all that often. It’s a good idea to filter after any sort of failure or unsuccessful print. If the resin has been sitting for a few days it is always a good idea to … Read more

What Is the Difference Between 3D Printer Filament and ESD?

Is PLA ESD safe? 3DXSTAT ESD PLA. 3DXSTAT™ ESD PLA is an easy to use ESD-Safe filament designed for use in critical applications that require electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection. Made using Natureworks PLA and CNTs to offer exceptional repeatability and reliability. What is ESD safe filament? ESD-safe filament is designed for use in critical applications … Read more

What Is the Most Eco-Friendly 3D Printing Filament?

Is 3D printing filament environmentally friendly? Polyterra Environmental Impact PolyTerra™ PLA has been created to be as eco-friendly as possible for a plastic filament. Not only has it been created in a way that reducing plastic content, but it is wound on a recycled cardboard spool with recycled labels and outer packaging. Is PLA filament … Read more

3D Printing Filament Snapping?

Why does my 3D printer filament keep snapping? Final Thoughts. 3D printer filaments snap because they become brittle due to moisture, poor filament quality, or mechanical stress. So, if your filament breaks and you have no idea what is causing the issue, you can try applying different fixes one by one and determine the cause … Read more