Did Aaron Lewis sing it’s been awhile?

During his free concert in 2019 to promote his third country album State I’m In, Lewis screamed a few times during his performance of “It’s Been Awhile.” The song has also been in his catalog of material since the new millennium.

Does Aaron Lewis sing it’s been awhile?

Aaron Lewis – It’s Been Awhile live 2021

Does Aaron Lewis have mental illness?

Lewis, who sold seven studio albums over a 17-year career with Staind, says he has two musical careers because he is “creatively bipolar” and suffers from attention deficit disorder.

Who is touring with Aaron Lewis?

Staind’s Aaron Lewis Announces 2021 U.S. Tour With Backing Band The Stateliners. After touring with summer as direct support for Korn with Staind, Aaron Lewis will venture back out on the road on a U.S. run beginning in October in support of his solo country career with his backing band The Stateliners.

When was Aaron Lewis with Staind?

Lewis recorded his first album with Staind, Tormented, in 1996. The band remained on the fringes of mainstream acceptance until “Outside,” a live collaboration between Lewis and Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst during the 1999 Family Values Tour, blew up on alternative and mainstream rock stations a year later.

Who wrote the song It’s been awhile?

What is stained most famous song?

It’s Been Awhile” is on the 2001 album, Break the Cycle, and was the lead single. This is Stainds’ best-known song and their most successful.

What is Staind best song?

  1. It’s Been Awhile.
  2. So Far Away.
  3. Mudshovel.
  4. Outside.
  5. Right Here.
  6. For You.
  7. Something to Remind You.
  8. Tangled up in You.

When was Staind popular?

Staind was one of the most successful commercial hard rock acts of the late 1990s, winning over mainstream audiences with its dark, moody power ballads. Comprised of Johnny April on bass, singer Aaron Lewis on guitar, Mike Mushok on guitar, and Jon Wysocki on drums, Staind played its first gig in February 1995.

When did the song it’s been awhile come out?



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Staind – It’s Been Awhile (Official Video)

Aaron Lewis – It’s Been Awhile HD Live in Lake Tahoe 8/06/2011

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