Did Asking Alexandria get a new lead singer?

And because we were just stuck with each other, that’s where it went.” Asking Alexandria then hired singer Denis Stoff as Worsnop’s replacement.

Who is the current singer of Asking Alexandria?

Why is it called Asking Alexandria?

The band got its name after several attempts of its members to create something that would suit them, when James Cassells said: “Let’s try asking Alexandria for a name”, referring to Danny Worsnop’s cousin. That’s how the name was born. The Asking Alexandria logo is modern and memorable.

Did Danny Worsnop leave Alexandria?

During an appearance on the latest episode of “Offstage With DWP”, ASKING ALEXANDRIA singer Danny Worsnop discussed his decision to leave the band back in January 2015, a year and a half after the release of ASKING ALEXANDRIA’s third studio album, “From Death To Destiny”.

Why did Dennis leave Asking Alexandria?

On 22 January 2015, lead singer Danny Worsnop announced his departure from Asking Alexandria to focus on his new band We Are Harlot, of which it was quickly stated that his replacement was already found.

When did Danny rejoin Asking Alexandria?

On 21 October 2016, guitarist Ben Bruce confirmed that Worsnop had officially reunited with Asking Alexandria after parting ways with Stoff around 18 months.

Did Danny Worsnop leave Asking Alexandria again?

Danny Worsnop has done and seen it all. The frontman helped put British metalcore on the map in the late 00s with hellraisers Asking Alexandria, only to quit the band in 2015, then rejoin two years later.


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