Did Pentatonix win sing-off?

Pentatonix, a quintet created a week prior to auditions for “The Sing-Off,” walked away with the NBC show’s trophy, $200,000 top prize and a Sony Music recording contract Monday night.

What year did Pentatonix win The Sing-Off?

The program ran for 11 episodes, and concluded on November 28, 2011 with Pentatonix winning the title.

Where is Avi Kaplan now?

Avi Kaplan announced that he was stepping back from Pentatonix in May, but now he’s back with his new solo project—Avriel & the Sequoias—and a new cover of a modern pop classic.

Are the members of Pentatonix married?

Pentatonix singer Matt Sallee, 27, married fiancée Sarah Bishop earlier this month, with the longtime loves making it official on Jan. 2 in a ceremony in front of friends and family in Malibu, California’s Cielo Farms.

Why was The Sing-Off Cancelled?

It was believed to be cancelled but NBC revived the show for a fourth season that aired during the holidays to low ratings. A fifth season was ordered but the network ended up making it a two hour special instead. That aired December 17, 2014 and drew more low ratings.

Is Kirstin Maldonado still with Pentatonix?

Maldonado, the lone female member of a cappella group Pentatonix, is currently launching her own solo career, introducing fans to an intimate side of herself — and, of course, to a new name: kirstin. “Hopefully we can just stick to one name and people get it,” she said.

Where is Pentatonix now?

These days, Pentatonix is doing well. The band embarked on a holiday tour in 2021, proving despite solo records and other projects, they’re still very much together.

What competition did the Pentatonix win?

Pentatonix, a quintet created a week prior to auditions for “The Sing-Off,” walked away with the NBC show’s trophy, $200,000 top prize and a Sony Music recording contract Monday night.

Who Won The Sing-Off season 2?


Who won the 2013 sing-off?

The Sing-Off
JudgesBen Folds Shawn Stockman Jewel
WinnerHome Free

Who Won The Sing-Off season 6?

In a two-to-one decision by the judges, Afro-Blue was voted off and the Dartmouth Aires advanced to the finale. The live finale crowned Pentatonix as winners, with the Dartmouth Aires coming in second, and Urban Method coming in third place.

Will there be another sing-off?

NBC’s a cappella competition, The Sing-Off, will return for a fifth season, EW has confirmed. The show, from Sony Pictures Television and Mark Burnett’s One Three Media, will air as a holiday event. Casting is currently in progress.

What reality show was Pentatonix on?

More Stories by Jethro Nededog. It seems appropriate that the winners of NBC’s The Sing-Off‘s third season was Arlington, Texas quintet Pentatonix.

Did Home Free win The Sing-Off?

On Monday night’s finale of NBC ‘s The Sing-Off, the Minnesota-based country vocal band Home Free joined a cappella bands Nota, Committed and Pentatonix (winners of seasons 1-3) as The Sing-Off champions. Home Free, founded by Gusties Chris & Adam Rupp, took home the $100,000.00 prize and the Sony recording contract.

Can you still watch the sing off?

Eight a cappella groups from around the country compete for a recording contract and $100,000. Currently not available to stream.

What was the acapella TV show called?

This docu-series follows five of the nation’s best a cappella groups as they compete to win the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella.

Who won The Sing-Off each season?

The Sing-Off
JudgesBen Folds Shawn Stockman Nicole Scherzinger

Who wins sing on first episode?

In the series premiere, the first-round song is Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger.” The winner of the round is Ceci, an Uber driver and perfectly good singer who did, indeed, most closely approximate the processed, clipped vocals of the original.

Who won The Sing-Off on The Voice?

Girl Named Tom has entered “The Voice” history books. The Ohio trio, composed of siblings Bekah, 21, Joshua, 24, and Caleb, 26, was crowned the Season 21 champ during Tuesday’s finale, becoming the first-ever group to win the singing competition.

What does sing off mean?

1 : to announce the end of something (such as a message or broadcast) 2 : to approve or acknowledge something by or as if by a signature sign off on a memo.

Are Pentatonix still acapella?

OriginArlington, Texas, U.S.
GenresA cappella pop Christmas
Years active2011–present
LabelsRCA Madison Gate

Are Pentatonix friends?

In 2014, Scott Hoying confessed to Entertainment Weekly, “We’re like a family, to the point where we spend all our time together and sometimes we don’t get along.” Mitch Grassi clarified, “We get snappy.” Nevertheless, it’s clear that Pentatonix’s clashes were rare. For the most part, Hoying said, they got along well.

Does Pentatonix use a drum machine?

INSKEEP: Pentatonix is a five-person group and they can carry off a song without instruments. But the amazing thing about them is that you can hear them without quite realizing that there are no instruments. INSKEEP: We’re hearing their version of hits by the pop group Daft Punk from the new Pentatonix album “PTX Vol.

Are Pentatonix still together 2022?

Pentatonix tour dates 2022 – 2023. Pentatonix is currently touring across 14 countries and has 21 upcoming concerts. Their next tour date is at Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood, after that they’ll be at O2 Apollo in Manchester. See all your opportunities to see them live below!

What made Pentatonix famous?

Pentatonix (formed 2011) is a five-member a capella singing group. They first gained fame when they won the third season of the NBC TV a capella singing competition show The Sing Off. Since then they have become known for their recordings of covers of popular hits and holiday music.

Do Pentatonix use any instruments?

After layering the harmony on top of background vocals, the solo shines on top — you wouldn’t even know there weren’t instruments being played. Named for the pentatonic scales, Pentatonix is a five-person singing group that formed to compete in the NBC a cappella competition show The Sing-Off.


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