Did the Carpenters sing If I were a carpenter?

They certainly all brought their personalities to their tracks and they all seemed to have some affinity for the music and for The Carpenters as artists. Deep into the project, Wallace and Konjoyan ended up getting the ultimate seal of approval, as Richard Carpenter agreed to sing and play on one of the tracks.

Who sings with Robert Plant If I Were a Carpenter?

Robert Plant

What year did Robert Plant sing If I Were a Carpenter?

The video for RP’s ‘If I Were A Carpenter’ from his 1993 album, ‘Fate of Nations’ has now been upgraded to HD quality over on his official YouTube channel.

Was Tim Hardin at Woodstock?

Tim Hardin | 50 Years of Peace & Music. Tim Hardin was a respected songwriter who lived a tortured life on and off the stage. His performance on the first day of Woodstock was marred by the performer’s legendary stage fright and his debilitating addiction to heroin.

Did Bobby Darin write songs?

Through this entire period, Darin maintained his singular success in recording and songwriting. In fact, virtually all of his records during this time were of self-written songs, all of which became major hits.

Did both Carpenters sing?

The Carpenters (officially known as Carpenters) were an American vocal and instrumental duo consisting of siblings Karen (1950–1983) and Richard Carpenter (born 1946). They produced a distinct soft musical style, combining Karen’s contralto vocals with Richard’s harmonizing, arranging and composition skills.

How much was Karen Carpenter worth when she died?

What was Karen Carpenter’s Net Worth? Karen Carpenter was an American singer and drummer who had a net worth of $6 million at the time of her death in 1983. That’s equal to around $14 million today after adjusting for inflation.

Who first sang Sing Sing a song?

“Sing” (Joe Raposo song), a 1972 song written for Sesame Street and popularized by the Carpenters, sometimes referred to as “Sing a Song”

Are the carpenters brother and sister?

The Carpenters were brother and sister Richard Carpenter and Karen Carpenter. Both grew up in Downey, California and were very musical at an early age.

Are the carpenters in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

If you look at the list of who IS in the hall of fame, you’ll see some of the biggest mass appeal artists in history. Carpenters and Neil Diamond aren’t included because they’re considered “soft pop,” not “rock and roll.” It’s just as simple as that.

How did Karen Carpenter died?

The lead singer of The Carpenters, the Grammy-winning band she’d formed with her brother, died on this day, Feb. 4, in 1983, of heart failure related to her years-long struggle with anorexia. She was 32.

Who sang If I Were a Carpenter in 1967?

Joan Baez

Did Richard Carpenter sing with Karen?

He had numerous roles in the Carpenters including record producer, arranger, pianist, keyboardist, lyricist, and composer, as well as joining with Karen on harmony vocals.

What is Karen Carpenter’s most famous song?

  • # 8 – Yesterday Once More.
  • # 7 – Hurting Each Other.
  • # 6 – Superstar.
  • # 5 – (They Long To Be) Close To You.
  • # 4 – I Won’t Last A Day Without You.
  • # 3 – Goodbye To Love.
  • # 2 – Rainy Days And Mondays.
  • # 1 -We’ve Only Just Begun.

Is Candi Carpenter related to the carpenters?

She grew up in a family band – “My parents, uncles and grandpa were in a gospel singing group called Heaven Sent. When I officially joined around the age of 8, they changed the name of the band to The Carpenter’s because ‘we belonged to Jesus.

Is Mary Chapin Carpenter part of the Carpenters?

Mary Chapin Carpenter
Years active1987–present
LabelsColumbia Nashville Zoë Lambent Light Records

How did Karen Carpenter lose weight?

Under a doctor’s guidance, she began the Stillman diet, eating lean foods, drinking eight glasses of water a day, and avoiding fatty foods. She reduced her weight to 120 pounds (54 kg) and stayed approximately at that weight until around 1973, when the Carpenters’ career reached its peak.

How old was singer Karen Carpenter when she died?

Early on the morning of February 4, 1983, while staying in her parents home in Downey, Karen suffered a deadly heart attack, brought on by the physiological stresses placed on her system by the disease whose name soon entered the public consciousness: anorexia nervosa. She was only 32 years old.

How long was Karen Carpenter married for?

She was said to have desperately wanted children, but Burris had undergone a vasectomy and refused to get an operation to reverse it. Their marriage ended after 14 months. Karen’s friends also claimed he was abusive towards her.


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