Do audio books sell well?

Audiobooks are a profitable industry. According to a recent study conducted by Pew Research, almost 20 percent of Americans listen to audiobooks. Because the cost to convert a book into an audiobook is low, the profit margin for audiobooks is on the higher side.

How much can you make selling audiobooks?

If you choose popular books that are out in the public domain and publish one each week, you can earn up to $2,500 per month or $30,000 annually in passive income, selling audiobooks. Some audiobook producers earn much more (5 figures per month), while others may earn nothing.

How popular are audio books?

More than 45 percent of American adults responding to recent annual surveys now claim to have listened to an audiobook at some point in their lives, a figure which can be expected to grow as new titles become available and more consumers experiment with alternatives to physical books.

How much do audiobook readers earn?

The average PFH rate for audiobook narrators (once they have some experience) is between $100 and $250 PFH. Just to be clear — this is NOT a “get rich quick” sort of thing. It takes effort and persistence to be really successful at it.

Can you make good money with ACX?

As a novice, you can earn from $10 PFH (per finished hour) to $100 PFH. On the other hand, an experienced narrator can earn up to $100PFH to $350PFH.

Does selling audio books work?

Audiobooks will sell well if their associated ebooks or paperback books have an Amazon Best Seller’s Rank (BSR) less than about 50,000. The lower the BSR, the higher the book’s sales proving that the author has a book readers want. Recording an audiobook creates another avenue for readers to find the author’s work.

Are audio books growing?

The association says that more than 71,000 audiobooks were published in the United States last year, a 39-percent increase in titles over those published in 2019. That’s the highest number on record, the report says, and that gain is the largest since 2015.

How can I boost my audiobook sales?

Keep a launch promotion schedule: Build hype to your email list ahead of time, to let them know that your audiobook is coming. Consider keeping them in the loop of the audiobook’s production, and maybe even provide a few free samples! Launch day: Let them know that your audiobook is available for purchase.

How do I promote my Audible account?

To start creating text and image links for Audible memberships or individual audiobook titles, simply search for a specific Audible product via Product Links at Associates Central. You will also find text links and banners to promote the Audible Free Trial in the Promotions Hub, under the Special Bounties tab.

Is Audible a good investment?

An Audible Premium Plus subscription has never been as good as it is these days, thanks to the addition of the Plus catalog. In my opinion, having the option to listen to as many free audiobooks as you want, makes Audible Premium Plus entirely worth it.


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