Do grills go on sale at the end of summer?

Expect lots of grill deals in May and June, and discounts of up to 60% off in June and July. As for grill sales, we tend to see them scattered throughout the year. Look for modest discounts, like $50 off select grills at Home Depot in March, and up to 30% off select brands on Amazon in May.

How often should you replace your grill?

The average American replaces their grill every three years. However, routine maintenance and timely repairs can extend that lifespan by many years. Business Insider says proper cleaning and care can keep a gas grill in peak operating condition for 5 to 15 years.

How many years does a Weber grill last?

With proper care and maintenance, a good Weber grill will last 10-15 years, and sometimes even more.

Should grills be covered?

A grill cover is not necessary, but having one will extend the grill’s life by protecting it from the weather, bugs, animals, and help keep it cleaner. The most common reasons for not using a grill cover are its added cost and the inconvenience of needing to remove and replace it after use.

How long should a propane gas grill last?

How Long Do Gas Grills Last Anyway? On average, Americans will throw their grill out after only three years. However, we assure you that they should last much longer than that! In reality, most gas grills last between 5 to 15 years before needing to be replaced.

When should I replace my grill grates?

  • Rust. All grill grate materials are susceptible to rust without regular cleaning.
  • Chips. Glossy porcelain-enameled grill grates are susceptible to chipping.
  • It just won’t clean.

Is Memorial Day a good time to buy a grill?

The Best Grill Sales Happening This Memorial Day. If you’re wondering if now is a good time to buy a grill, it is! Everyone knows that Memorial Day weekend is a great time to buy big-ticket appliances, and the same goes for grills.

Do gas grills go on sale for Memorial Day?

Top-rated grills are part of the annual Wayfair Memorial Day Clearance, with up to 20% off Blackstone models and accessories. Check out the Blackstone two-burner portable liquid propane gas grill, now 14% off at $679.99 and perfect for backyards, camp sites, parks or stadiums. Need new tools?


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