Do peacocks have a mating dance?

To court potential mates, a peacock needs to rattle and shiver these train feathers in a certain way, producing a display of flickering feathers and distinctive noises. It has been known that this courtship dance signals the fitness of the males, as the extravagant display requires energy and muscular power to perform.

How do peacocks attract their mates?

When peacocks are ready to mate, they fan out their iridescent tail feathers (known as trains), before rushing at females, shaking those feathers to catch their attention.

How do peacocks communicate with each other?

When the peacock quivers his feathers, they emit a low-frequency sound inaudible to humans. The peacock can change the sound to communicate different messages.

Why do peacocks have a crest on their head?

Peafowls’ head crests are specifically tuned to the vibrations produced by feather-rattling male peacocks, thus acting as a sort of antenna.

Why do male peacocks spread their feathers?

Attracting a Mate – When a male courts a female, he spreads out his tail feathers to display his colors and eyespots fully for her to see. Completely fanned out, the tail spreads behind the peacock in a full semicircle, though some peacocks have tails that are bigger than others.

What does it mean when a peacock spreads its wings?

To Attract Mates – As part of the peafowl courtship ritual, a peacock spreads his feathers and displays them for the peahens, seeking to attract his mates for the season. Peacocks need to collect a small harem of several peahens each year and the peahens are the ones who pick them, not the other way around.

Do female peacocks make noise?

But female peacocks, or peahens, can. That low frequency rumble hits the sweet spot—also known as the resonant frequency—of both the male’s and female’s crest feathers. They start to vibrate in unison. Peafowl also do a special wing shake, which seems to hit that same sweet spot.

Why do peacocks spin in circles?

“These motions are a key part of courtship,” Dr. Dakin said. “They have a visual component and a sound.” They videotaped the peacocks during their natural courtship behavior.

What is a peacock’s dance called?

The mayilattam (Tamil:மயிலாட்டம்), also known as peacock dance, is performed by girls dressed as peacocks during the harvest festival of Thai Pongal in the Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

How do peacocks mate with peahen?

Strutting over, the peacock will mount the peahen and align his cloaca — a common orifice for the digestive, reproductive and urinary tracts— with hers to transfer sperm in what is known as a ‘cloacal kiss’. It’s over in a matter of seconds. The birds part ways, with the male looking for his next partner.


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