Do you have to read the Atlee pine series in order?

The standalone David Baldacci books can be read in any order that you choose since they don’t have any relevance to each other.

Do you have to read the Amos Decker books in order?

This is Baldacci’s latest novel in the Amos Decker series. You might choose to read all of the Decker novels in order, but it would also be completely acceptable to read the first book and then go ahead and skip to this one next. After the first book, the novels work in any order.

What order do I read David Baldacci books?

  • Split Second (2003)
  • Hour Game (2004)
  • Simple Genius (2007)
  • First Family (2009)
  • The Sixth Man (2011)
  • King and Maxwell (2013)

Is there a sequel to the book long road to mercy?

A Minute To Midnight

Is Memory Man a good book?

4.0 out of 5 stars An Excitng, Entertaining Thriller — But You Must Be Willing To Oftentimes Suspend Disbelief! Memory Man is the first book (of two so far) in Baldacci’s newest series featuring a rather unique character named Amos Decker.

Was Memory Man made into a movie?

Wish You Well was also adapted to a movie. The screenplay was written by the author himself. The movie was released in 2013, but was showed just in few festivals. All the reviews and ratings about the film are more than great.


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David Baldacci discusses Daylight, his new Atlee Pine novel.

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