Do you season a Blackstone grill every time you use it?

Yes. A new Blackstone Griddle needs thorough seasoning before cooking anything on it. Seasoning creates a non-stick coat on your Griddle’s cooking surface.

Do I season my Blackstone after every use?

A Blackstone Griddle needs to be seasoned well, with several coats, before the first use. Then, after every cook, you should do a light seasoning of one coat to help maintain the non-stick surface.

How do you clean Blackstone grill after use?

How to Clean a Blackstone Griddle After Cooking – YouTube

Whats best to season a Blackstone?

Blackstone Chef Nathan Lippy recommends using flaxseed oil to season a Blackstone griddle. While you can use other high-heat oils to season your griddle, flaxseed oil is perfect for the very first seasoning round of your griddle, as it creates a strong layer of polymerized oil.

How many times do you have to season Blackstone griddle?

How long does it take to season a Blackstone griddle? While it only takes about 15-30 minutes to apply a layer of oil to the Blackstone griddle, you’ll want to coat it 2-3 times to get a good seasoning. Turn the burners to the maximum temperature and wait about 10 minutes so they get to full heat.

How often should you season your griddle?

In general, the griddle should be re-seasoned once a week, but this all depends on how often you use it. After all, if your food starts to stick, then that’s a clear sign you need to re-season it. If you have a new griddle, turn on all the burners on the lowest setting and let them burn for 1h.

What is the best oil to season a griddle?

Whether it be cast iron cookware, stainless steel pans, or carbon steel griddles, canola oil is one of the best choices when seasoning griddles. Although canola oil is generally recommended for medium-heat cooking, the Spectrum Naturals Canola Oil has a high smoking point at 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can I use vegetable oil to season my Blackstone griddle?

We highly recommend you use the Blackstone Griddle Seasoning & Cast Iron Conditioner (Available in stores or on our website). If you don’t have the Blackstone Griddle Seasoning, other regular cooking oils will work.

How do I Reseason my Blackstone griddle?

How to Reseason your Blackstone | Blackstone Griddles – YouTube


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