Does Ariana Grande have good vocals?

She has one of the most impressive ranges of any female singer in the pop music industry, and she makes it all look So. Darn. Easy. As Ari entertains the world on her Sweetener tour, we take an analytical look at the pop singer’s vocals

Is Ariana the best vocalist?

Ariana does have a powerful and wonderful voice, and she can sing in high tones. That is why she is regarded as one of the world’s top vocalists. And because of her talent, she was able to reach a large number of people, she rapidly earned a large following.

Who is more popular Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift?

Grande’s net worth as of 2018 is $50 million. Playbuzz, an online publishing platform with formats such as polls, created a poll “Who would you pick between Swift and Grande?” Out of the 3,206 votes, 57% picked Swift and the remaining 43% went to Grande.

What makes Ariana Grande’s voice good?

Vocal runs are fast moving melodic lines. Ariana often uses vocal runs starting with “ooh”. It’s a technique used by a lot of singers like Mariah Carey, Leona Lewis and Whitney Houston and it’s a very impressive technique.

Is Ariana Grande’s voice high?

Ariana is known for having some insanely high notes where she belts and sings in her whistle tone. Her belts can reach as high as a G5, as demonstrated on the studio recording and many live performances of her hit song “Dangerous Woman” as you can hear above in the featured video.

Who’s a better vocalist Ariana or Mariah?

Mariah Carey possesses a five octave vocal range, while Grande’s got a four octave vocal range. That explains why Grande can hit those impossible super-high whistle notes like Carey does on her songs like Emotions, Dreamlover and One Sweet Day.


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