Does artwork need to match?

To match, choose artwork that features colours in the same palette. It doesn’t have to match exactly. It’s okay if the hue and the lightness is different – it will still appear complementary. To clash, choose a piece of art that features a dominant colour which is radically different from the rest of the decor.

Does wall art need to match?

In general, our advice is no, your wall art doesn’t need to be the same colors as your sofa, area rug, and drapery to still be a beautiful and fitting addition to your space.

How do you decide what art goes together?

Whether you choose a dominant color in the artwork to match the frame, or go for a contrasting color to let the work to stand out, artworks and frames should always be complementary,’ says Federica. ‘A good rule to keep in mind is to hang paintings or photos so that the midpoint is between 1.5m and 1.6m from the floor.

Can you mix art and photos?

Go Eclectic – If you prefer a casual, bohemian style for your home decor, you can mix photographs and paintings that don’t share any common element. Use frames in different colors, sizes and styles for the pieces to create a whimsical look for the display.

Where do you put art work?

On its Own, At the Right Height – If the best spot for your piece happens not to be above a piece of furniture, just be sure the center of the piece is about 57 inches above the ground. Most people hang art too high in this scenario, but the best approach is to place it so it’s right at eye level for an average person.

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