Does Audible have good free books?

And with a wide selection of totally free audiobooks and podcast series available on Audible, discovering your next listen is easier than ever. From illuminating self-dev to immersive audio dramas, you’ll have no trouble finding the audiobook or podcast that’s right for you.

What do you get for free on Audible?

Your free, 30-day trial includes – 1 credit (2 credits for Prime members), good for any premium selection title you like—yours to keep. The Audible Plus Catalog of podcasts, audiobooks, guided wellness, and Audible Originals. Listen all you want, no credits needed.

Can you keep free Audible books after Cancelling?

Answer. No, not at all! The titles that you purchase with a credit or credit card from Audible are yours to keep forever and are available to be downloaded across multiple devices. Although you can remove your audiobook(s) from a specific device, they remain in your online Library.

Can I only listen to one book a month on Audible?

Start searching for titles – Every month that you’re an Audible member, you’ll receive one credit, which is good for any title, regardless of price. But of course, you’ll want to listen to more than just one book a month. In that case, you’ll have to buy these additional titles.

Can you listen to unlimited books on Audible?

You get unlimited access to thousands of select audiobooks and podcasts in the Audible Plus Catalog for $7.95/month. Listen as much as you like!

What is the duration of the free Audible?

Audible is a membership service that provides customers with the world’s largest selection of audiobooks as well as podcasts, exclusive originals and more. Your Audible membership is free for 30 days. If you enjoy your Audible trial, do nothing and your membership will automatically continue.

How much is Audible for Amazon Prime members?

Prime members signing up for Audible for the first time can get a month free (or other promotional discounts, as depicted below, subject to change and prior membership status), but after that you have to pay $14.95 per month.

Are all audiobooks free with Audible?

Audible Pricing – You can get Audible for a 30-day free trial and claim one free audiobook. You need to add credit card details to start the free trial though. After your Audible 30-day trial expires, it costs $14.95 per month, but you can cancel your subscription at any time.

How many books per month do you get with Audible?

By signing up to Audible on the standard membership, you receive one new audiobook every month you are a member.


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