Does comfrey come back every year?

Extremely cold hardy perennials, comfrey plants become dormant in winter and re-emerge every spring.

Will comfrey survive winter?

Comfrey is hardy both to the extremely cold and hot temperatures within its growing zones. It will die back in the late fall once frost and freezing temperatures have arrived. But the roots will remain, and the plant will come up again in the spring.

What is a good companion plant for comfrey?

Comfrey – the companion plant everyone should grow – YouTube

How do you care for comfrey?

S. officinale, common comfrey, can be grown from seed. It is best to direct sow outdoors about three weeks before the average last frost date, planting about half an inch deep in soil. Water well and keep the soil moist until seeds germinate in about two to three weeks.

Should I plant comfrey?

Ecological Benefits of Growing Comfrey – Provides habitat for beneficial insects under huge leaves, which helps to keep the garden pest-free. Fertilizes with nutrient-rich mulch. Use the fast-growing leaves as a fertilizing green mulch or green manure.

Is comfrey the same as borage?

Though they are members of the same plant family (Boraginaceae), perennial comfrey (​Symphytum officinale​, USDA zones 4-8) and annual borage (​Borago officinalis​) are two different plants. These cousins both boast dark green foliage and fuzzy leaves.

When can I transplant comfrey?

When is the best time to subdivide comfrey plants? Generally in late Winter when your plants are dormant or early Spring when they’re just putting on new leaves.

Can I plant comfrey in the fall?

Comfrey can be planted spring, summer or fall, anytime the soil can be worked. In warmer climates (Deep South and Southwest USA), it can be planted and the leaves harvested throughout the year. Comfrey grows best in USDA Hardiness Zones 3-9.

Can you grow comfrey from cuttings?

Fortunately, it is also very easy to propagate. If you don’t have comfrey yet, it can easily be grown from root cuttings you find online. If you already have a plant, however, it could easily, within the year, be five or more plants.

How do you prune comfrey?

How to Trim Comfrey for Mulch – YouTube

Can rabbits eat comfrey?

Many rabbit keepers offer comfrey as a supplemental feed option. Comfrey is a great source for vitamin A; it’s also immune boosting, and good for the stomach and gut.

Is comfrey an annual or perennial?

Comfrey is a herbaceous perennial herb originating in Europe. It has large, hairy leaves and grows in a rosette to 1 m in height. The mauve flowers are bell-like and borne in clusters. Comfrey rarely flowers in subtropical and tropical areas as there isn’t sufficient winter chill to induce flowering.

Why is comfrey good for compost?

Comfrey out-performs manure, compost and many liquid feeds for concentration of nutrients. It produces these from a deep root system extending right into the subsoil that most edible plants cannot access. It also has an ideal Carbon:Nitrogen ratio which means that it does not hamper absorption of nitrogen by plants.

How does comfrey help soil?

Comfrey’s roots break up heavy clay and creating channels for aeration and better water absorption, similar to dandelion roots. Over time, its decomposing leaves and roots enrich and condition the soil. This dual action of decomposing leaves and roots can help improve marginal land.

Does comfrey grow back?

Frost tolerant – Extremely cold hardy perennials, comfrey plants become dormant in winter and re-emerge every spring.

How long does comfrey feed last?

How long does Comfrey fertilizer last when stored? If you make the concentrated fertilizer it will last for around a year. So you could make one large batch and store it until it is required. If making Comfrey fertilizer with water then this should be used as soon as it is ready.

How do you multiply comfrey?

2 Methods of Comfrey Propagation – YouTube

What do you do with comfrey in the winter?

COMFREY: Winter Prep & Medicinal Secrets – YouTube

Is comfrey a good fertilizer?

Comfrey is the organic gardener’s best friend. Its leaves are full of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium – all nutrients needed by growing plants. Master the use of comfrey and you’ll never need to buy expensive fertiliser again.


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