Does Five Finger Death Punch have a new lead singer?

On June 12, 2017, Moody stated during a concert in Tilburg, Netherlands, that it will be his last show with Five Finger Death Punch. The band released a statement saying they would keep moving forward. Moody checked himself into rehab and was replaced for the remaining dates by vocalist Tommy Vext.

Did Five Finger Death Punch get a new singer?

Ivan L. Moody

Why did guitarist quit FFDP?

After his recovery from emergency gallbladder surgery at the end of 2019, Hook had to leave midway from the group’s tour of Europe to address further complications.

Who is Jason Hook playing for now?

Jason Hook joins country rocker Cory Marks for new single, Blame It On The Double. In one of his first releases since leaving Five Finger Death Punch, Jason Hook has joined Canadian country-rocker Cory Marks on his new single, Blame It On The Double.

Does Five Finger Death Punch have a new guitarist?

AfterLife is set to be Five Finger Death Punch’s first record with new guitarist Andy James, who joined following the departure of Jason Hook in October 2020. James, a known shred lord, gets his chance to shine on IOU, with a solo from the 2:43 mark packed with an unrelenting volley of rapid-fire 16th notes.

Did anyone in Five Finger Death Punch serve in the military?

That might have something to do with all of the USO shows where they’ve performed for troops in combat zones like Iraq. Ivan Moody, the band’s frontman told Stereogum: “When we were over in Iraq playing our USO tour, I had one soldier come up to me, and he laid a burnt iPod down on the table.

Who is the new drummer for FFDP?

Spencer’s replacement in FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH is Charlie “The Engine” Engen. Engen made his recording debut with the band on the “F8” album, which came out in February 2020.


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