Does Jinjer use voice Changer?

The Jinjer vocalist is also understanding that the human voice is an ever-changing instrument and that the dynamics of her voice are not permanent — it’s something that has to continuously be developed and refined, especially with exhaustive tour schedules that, by the end leave her feeling like “an old ass lamb, ready

How can I sing like JINJER?

How to sing and scream like Tatiana from Jinjer … – YouTube

Does Tatiana from JINJER smoke?

I don’t take care of my voice at all. Yes, as you can see, I smoke, a lot — I’m a heavy smoker. And yeah, maybe that helps, actually.” In a separate chat with Switchbitch Noise, Tatiana said that she spent a long time perfecting the way she switches back and forth between singing and screaming.

Is jinjer vegan?

I still try being vegan, but it’s really hard for me because I was raised in a family that was not very rich,” she explains. “We could not afford eating meat very often.

When did Tatiana join JINJER?

Jinjer (/ˈdʒɪndʒər/ “ginger”) is a Ukrainian metalcore band from Donetsk, formed in 2008. None of the founding members remain with the band. The current lineup considers 2009 as its official year of formation, with the arrival of singer Tatiana Shmailyuk and guitarist Roman Ibramkhalilov.

Why did Dmitriy Kim leave Jinjer?

Eventually all of us understood that JINJER and Kim just couldn’t move forward together any longer for several reasons. First of all, Dimitriy couldn’t keep up with concert schedule and took touring quite painfully, moreover there were several musical contradictions and tensions.


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