Does SpongeBob like to dance?

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What is the dance in Spongebob?

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How do you push buttons as Sandy?

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How does SpongeBob slap King jellyfish?

As soon as you reach the top of the area, you’ll find King Jellyfish taking a shower. How rude of us to intrude! You’ll be instructed to “slap him,” which you can do with a simple attack: “Square” on PS4, “X” on Xbox One, and “Y” on Nintendo Switch. You can’t just run up to the boss and strike him, though.

How do you sneak in SpongeBob?

Sneak At The Press Of A Button – To begin sneaking, simply hold down the Left Trigger and move the Left Analog stick. This will slow your speed down to a crawl, allowing you to sneak around the environment.

Can Sandy Ground pound?

Sandy Cheeks – While she doesn’t have those abilities in the Multiplayer mode, she can still use her karate chops to deal damage to enemies directly in front of her, and can only ground pound in that mode.

How do you get into SpongeBob’s attic?

To get on top of the diving board, push SpongeBob onto its edge and he’ll grab onto it, allowing him to pull himself up. Finally, check the wooden chest in the corner of the room to pick up two more Shiny Objects, bringing your total up to 70. With the room sweeped, go through the next door to enter the Attic.


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