How can I read books online for free Reddit?

  1. wikibooks.
  2. Smashwords: all free ebooks sorted by newest.
  3. HathiTrust.
  4. Open Library.
  5. Internet Archive.
  6. Listing of all free books on
  7. Project Gutenberg- always free classics. Project Gutenberg sorted by newest. Project Gutenberg partners.
  8. [email protected]

Where can I read books online free Reddit?

  • Library Genesis.
  • Z-Library.
  • Project Gutenberg.
  • Sci-Hub.
  • The Wayback Machine.
  • The Assayer.
  • PDF Drive.
  • Open Library.

Is Libgen legal?

No, Libgen is not legal, and using Libgen may open you up to legal ramifications. While the police aren’t likely to show up at your door for pirating material, publishers, authors, schools, or workplaces may take their own actions against you if you’re caught with pirated material.

Where can I pirate books online?

  • Planet eBook. Planet eBook, the home of free classic literature!
  • ManyBooks.
  • Smashwords.
  • Book-Share.
  • FreeBookSpot.
  • MyPDFbooks.
  • The Pirate Bay.

Where can I read full books online for free without signing up?

Project Gutenberg offers a vibrant and growing collection of the world’s great literature. Read, enjoy, and share! No fee or registration! Everything from Project Gutenberg is gratis, libre, and completely without cost to readers.

What is an example of a free online library?

The most extensive free online library is the Internet Archive. Boasting over three million texts and over a million (each) of video and audio recordings, the Internet Archive offers a wealth of free information, including the largest repository of archived web pages, going back to 1996, through its Way Back Machine.


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