How can I watch Kar dance live?

KAR does not offer live streams at regional competitions. Photos and video footage of the dancers will be available to view on our website after the event. You can also go to the KAR Facebook page or Instagram to stay connected with the latest KAR competition media.

How can I watch old dance competition videos?

DanceBUG is a private access app that allows you to securely view your dance competition and recital videos and photos from anywhere in the world. Get live updates and information at your dance competition event.

What is DanceBUG app?

Get the official DanceBUG app for Android! Watch, enjoy, share – anytime, anywhere! DanceBUG is a private access app that allows you to securely view your dance competition and recital videos and photos from anywhere in the world. Get live updates and information at your dance competition event.

How do you download videos from DanceBUG?

If you need to download an MP4 file, open a web browser and log in to Load a video in your account, then click DOWNLOAD VIDEO. Read the terms and conditions and click AGREE AND DOWNLOAD. The video will download to your device.

Is DanceBUG free?

It’s easy! Create your free account HERE. What videos can I watch? If you’ve attended a DanceBUG competition use the access code on your order form to add your purchased videos and photos to your account.

How can I watch DanceBUG live on my computer?

Sign-in (or create an account) at OR through the DanceBUG App – Available on the Apple Store and Google Play. If you attend a DanceBUG studio, all of your studio’s shows are here for you to watch. Simply log into or create your account and enter the access code provided by your studio.

How do I find my StarQuest photos?

The 2022 Media Package – Please call the StarQuest office to inquire about photos or videos from previous years, 919-363-2900 ext 726 or email [email protected].

How do you add dancer to dance bug?

  1. Prepare an Excel file that includes First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and Gender. There is a template available for your use.
  2. Click on Choose File and select your dancer roster file. Click Next.
  3. Check that the column headers match your file and review your data.
  4. Click Save.

What is America’s largest dance competition?

  • American Dance Awards.
  • Boogie Fever USA.
  • The Dance Championships.
  • Dance Showcase USA.
  • Elite Dance Challenge.
  • Hall of Fame Dance Challenge.
  • Platinum Dance Challenge.
  • Universal Ballet Competition.

Does showstoppers have live stream?

The entire event will be streamed live online from our 50,000 sqft Showstopper Headquarters! All routines are premiered live on our stage with multi-cam shots, fog, lights, and custom backgrounds on a 40ft wide LED screen! The country’s top judges will record voice-critiques live from the audience!

What is jump in dance?

What do we mean by “leaps” in dance class? A leap is a jeté, which is a jump from one foot to the other in which the working leg is brushed into the air and appears to have been thrown (there is a wide variety of jetés—like grand and petit—and they can be performed in all directions).

What happened at Break the floor?

Allegations of sexual misconduct first hit the dance company in October, when the Toronto Star revealed allegations of widespread sexual harassment and predatory behavior by Break the Floor instructors.

What is the star showcase at Kar?

The National Star Showcase is for the top 5 scoring Small Groups and the top 5 scoring Large Groups in the Primary, Secondary, Intermediate, and Elite levels. The highest scoring performances win cash prizes and a National Grand Champion Trophy.

What is a novice dancer?

NOVICE: A Novice dancer is a dancer who is new to competition this season. Tiny Stars may compete one year as novice after completing as a Tiny Star. NOVICE SOLO: Must be a dancer who is performing a solo for the first time in any dance category.

What is a jump VIP?

The selected students will be announced at the end of the audition. These students will be the “VIPs”! All VIPs will be called up on stage at the end of the Closing Show on Sunday afternoon and the winners and remaining runners-up in each age division will be announced.

Can anyone go to the dance awards?

These photos must be uploaded during the online registration process on Parents are not permitted to observe the Audition. Registered Teachers and Studio Owners are permitted. If attending The Dance Awards with their studio, a Best Dancer does not need to submit a separate Best Dancer registration.

Is high gold better than platinum in dance?

Platinum is awarded to groups earning 285-300 points, High gold for 270-284 points, gold for255-269 points and high silver for 240-254 points. More importantly, while the judges watch the girls perform, they are each speaking into a microphone, giving corrections, suggestions and praise about the performance.


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