How can we make gardening sustainable?

  1. Conserve water and control water runoff. Lawn. Water plants only when they need it.
  2. Reduce fossil-fuel energy use. Lawn.
  3. Deal with yard and garden “waste” in a sound way. Lawn.
  4. Plant Selection. Lawn.
  5. Garden Design. Lawn.
  6. Plant Maintenance.

How can a garden be sustainable?

  1. Commit to 100% organic and avoid ALL chemicals.
  2. Find creative ways to reuse resources.
  3. Passively harvest water.
  4. Choose plants wisely.
  5. Create a Zero-waste Garden.
  6. Save seeds and propagate.
  7. Build healthy soil.

Why is sustainability important in gardening?

Sustainable gardening offers many benefits for the gardener. Chosen plants should not need excessive amounts of fertilizer or pesticides, which reduces the cost and work of gardening. The local climate often fulfills plants’ water needs. Sustainable gardening also benefits the surrounding environment.

What makes a community garden successful?

1) A place to gather. A comfortable, shaded seating area provides space for shared meals, meetings, classes, performances, and casual conversations. The seating area can become the heart of the community garden. 2) A place for children.

How does gardening bring people together?

Community gardens bring people together at a central location where they work side by side to grow food for their families and neighborhoods. Through this experience, community members directly contribute to the cultivation of foods that nourish their bodies.



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