How do I measure my horse for a pad?

Determining What Size Pad to Get: To determine the best size for your horse, measure the length of your saddle and add 2 to 3 inches to that length. Once under the saddle, your pad should show about 1-1.5″ of pad in the front and back of the saddle.

How do you measure a saddle pad drop?

Drop is determined from the center of the saddle from the underneath, to the bottom of the cinch rings, or rigging. Seat is measured along the top under the swells and cantle from the longest points. Add 3 inches minimum, or max of 4 inches to this measurement to determine the back length.

How do you measure a pony for a saddle pad?

Most saddle pads have two or three measurements. Length, width, and sometimes thickness. The first number on a pad’s measurement is the length of the pad along the horse’s spine. The second is going to be the width of the pad, from one side, across the withers, and down the other side.

How do you measure a thorn saddle pad?

To measure your pony for a Girth to go with a Saddle Pad, simply take the measurement from the spine, and run the tape measure right around the tummy and back round to the spine – in the position where the Girth would be.

What size saddle pad should I get for my horse?

15″ – 15.5″Small
16″ – 16.5″Medium
17″ – 17.5″Large
Over 17.5″Extra Large

What’s the difference between a numnah and a saddle pad?

A numnah is similar in function to a saddle cloth, however, it is more like a saddle pad. Essentially the main difference between a numnah and a saddle cloth is the fact that a numnah is shaped around the saddle, and a cloth is usually a square piece of material.


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