How do I pick a plant for a container garden?

Choose plants with a variety of different shaped leaves and flowers, some with larger leaves and others with finely textured ones. Choose a mix of thrillers, fillers and spillers to give some dimension to your container planting. Just be sure to follow guidelines 1 and 2 first when selecting plants.

What are the best plants for a container garden?

Beans, Bush Beets Bok Choy Cabbage CarrotsChard Collards Cucumbers Eggplant KaleLettuce Mustard Greens Onions, Green Peppers Radish
Apples (dwarf) Blackberries BlueberriesFigs Guava LemonLime Nectarine Oranges

How do I choose the right container for my plant?

When choosing a pot for a new plant, make sure you select one that has drainage holes and gives the plant room to grow. Buy a pot with a diameter that’s at least one inch wider than the diameter of your plant’s root mass, and if you’re expecting your plant to grow quickly, use a pot up to four inches wider.

Should all outdoor planters match?

You don’t want to match the color of the flowers to the color of the pot since this will be overbearing and displeasing to the eye. It is better to mix colors but mix them with careful consideration.

What color planter should I get?

Light-colored pots such as orange, beige, and yellow can make your home or garden look vibrant and full of energy. In contrast, dark-colored pots such as blue, green, or gray can give off a more relaxed and demure feel.

What size planter do I need for tomatoes?

Choose the Right Pot – Those seedlings may look small now, but a full-grown tomato plant needs a lot of space for a strong root system. For maximum production, the ideal pot size is 18-inch diameter for determinate tomatoes and 24-inch diameter for indeterminate tomatoes.


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