How do I read books on Galatea?

Not all of our books are Immersive Stories. If a book isn’t on this shelf, the only option to read it is by scrolling through the chapters like a regular ebook at this time. Galatea currently offers Audiobooks in English and German!

Can you read on Galatea?

Galatea is an app that makes reading easy. Instead of thick, intimidating paperbacks, you can read books on your phone. The app delivers a book to you one or two sentences at a time—all you need to do is tap the screen to move through the story.

What is Galatea by Inkitt?

GALATEA is Inkitt’s sister app and the world’s fastest-growing reading app with hundreds of thousands of active users consuming over six million episodes per month.

How do I subscribe to Galatea?

We’re so glad you are interested in subscribing! The easiest way to access that information is to click on the Gift Box icon in the upper right of the home page. From there, clicking Buy Points will bring up our shop, with the options to buy a subscription, or purchase points.

Can I use Galatea offline?

Enjoy Galatea how you choose including Offline Reading and Dark Mode!

How much is Galatea unlimited?

Galatea Yearly$64.99
Galatea Monthly$12.99
Galatea Basic Monthly$7.99
Galatea Unlimited Annual$49.99

Why is my Galatea app not working?

If your app is crashing, or giving you error messages on startup, the following steps can help make sure your app has all of the latest bug fixes: Uninstall your app. Restart your device. Reinstall your app.

Can I get Galatea on Kindle?

Download the free Kindle app and start reading Kindle books instantly on your smartphone, tablet or computer – no Kindle device required. Learn more. Read instantly on your browser with Kindle Cloud Reader. Using your mobile phone camera – scan the code below and download the Kindle app.

How do I navigate Galatea app?

If the story is unmuted, you can tap anywhere in the bottom half to go forward, tap anywhere in the top half (except for the very top) to go back, and tap in the very top to open the menu again. Check out this screenshot for a visual breakdown!

How do you restart a story on Galatea?

  1. Open the Navigation menu by tapping the top of the screen if you’re in an immersive story, or anywhere if you’re scrolling through a book.
  2. Tap “Chapters” in the Lower Left.
  3. Scroll to the chapter you want.
  4. Tap, and it will load!

How do I turn off immersive reader Galatea?

We now have the option to turn off visual/sound effects (such as flashing lights or colors) or vibrations in our immersive stories! To turn off these effects if they might cause a risk to your health (such as migraines, or epilepsy triggers), click the “Mute” button at the bottom of an immersive story’s menu.

Is Inkitt a good website?

Inkitt is a great place to read or write stories. As a top competitor for Wattpad, this unique business offers people a place to share their work or enjoy reading novels from independent authors that might otherwise not have a place to self publish. The site and apps help publishers and readers find new talent as well.

How do you become a writer for Galatea?

  1. Upload your work on Inkitt.
  2. Get as much reader engagement as you can. ( .
  3. Our unique algorithm analyzes all stories and will choose the book with the best and most engagement.
  4. Our highly professional GALATEA publishing team will reach out to you.
  5. You will get a publishing contract for your work.

Who is Sapir Englard?

By day, Sapir Englard is a music student in Boston. By night, she’s the wildly successful writer behind a romance series that’s burning up phones around the world. By James SullivanUpdated May 11, 2021, 9:48 a.m. From an incredibly young age, Ali Albazaz was immersed in computers.

Do you have to pay to read on Galatea?

Each story is broken into a series of 10-minute episodes, and users will receive one episode for free each day. If they want more, they’ll pay with in-app purchases of points they can spend – 40 points cost $1.99, while 250 points cost $9.99.

Are the books on Galatea free?

* Read our books for free, or support Galatea writers by purchasing chapters. * For unlimited access to all of our stories, we have subscription packages!

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