How do Samshield breeches fit?

Samshield. The Samshield breeches are a nice, lightweight fabric that have a legging-like feel. The Clotilde ($375) and Adele ($399) styles have a ruched back that’s very flattering on the booty. The fit is mid rise, fitting higher than Equiline breeches, and just lower than the Tailored Sportsman mid rise.

Do struck breeches run small?

Because this material has a lot of stretch in it, I find that the they run on the larger size. I’m a size 26 in most breeches, but I could go down a size and still feel comfortable. With that being said, it is nothing that a belt wouldn’t be able to fix!

Do struck breeches stretch?

Features: Schoeller Prestige fabric – Lightweight, breathable, with serious stretch. Keeps it shape, ride after ride. Our custom waistband helps breeches stay in place.

How do you clean a Tailored Sportsman breeches?

These are quality breeches for serious riders who like to have fun with color. Machine wash cold, line dry for greater longevity.

Does Equiline run small?

They definitely run SMALL as is normal for Equiline, these are an I-42 and are definitely snug. The little styling details are cute, with the pocket flaps on the back and signature Equiline pocket square and leg triangle thingy, but what kills me with these is the rise.

How do Cavalleria Toscana breeches fit?

These breeches fit true to size. A size 40 is equivalent to an Australian size 10, a size 42 is equivalent to an Australian size 12 and so on and so forth. Washing instructions: Water temperature should be 30 degrees.

How should a hunt coat fit?

Check the fit on your torso – For a hunt coat, which has three buttons, you can use the bottom button as a guide. It should sit just over your belly button. If the button is at a point far above your belly button, the coat is probably too short.

How do you wash Equiline breeches?

Comfortable sock leg bottom, to ensure that the breeches adhere perfectly to the ankle without any need for adjustable velcro. Elasticized four-way stretch performance fabric offering superior comfort and great freedom of movement while riding. Machine wash cold. Max temperature 30°C.

How do you pick a Breeche?

Mid-rise breeches should hit you right between your hips and belly button, and low-rise breeches are worn right at your hips. Low-rise breeches offer the least amount of coverage but may be a better option for riders with a shorter waist or torso. Some breeches even come in short and long versions.


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