How do you Afro dance?

How to Dance the Top 5 Afro Dance Moves of 2020

How do you dance Zanku?

How To Dance Zanku Legwork Tutorial | Easy Poco Dance Tutorial

Is Zanku a Nigerian dance?

Zlatan has never been one to shy away from spewing potentially polarising diatribes. His career has in part, been built on his proclivity to say the darndest things, and coast along on the chaos that ensues.

Whats the meaning of Zanku?

Zanku has been a dominant sound in Lagos for the last two years, and the phenomenon has Zlatan’s name imprinted on it – the term is an abbreviation of ​’Zlatan Abeg No Kill Us‘. ZLATAN.

Who brought legwork?

The proponent of the dance, Zlatan first appeared on Chinko Ekun’s “Able God”, a song on which he willed Nigerians, mostly youngsters to get a laptop and start stealing on the internet. After this, he would release his own single, “Zanku (Legwork)”, a move that eventually put shaku shaku to rest.

Who invented Zanku dance?

With last week’s release of the video for “Zanku (Leg Work),”Zlatan Ibile has consecrated himself as the originator of the newest dance craze in afropop.



Petit Afro Presents – Afro Dance – Beat By Kenzo


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