How do you audition for the San Francisco Ballet?

Auditions for the Company are by invitation only. If you’d like to audition, please send the following to [email protected]. Resume or CV: include all performing experience with a professional ballet company, training, age, height, awards received, etc. Note that an audition is not guaranteed.

How do you pass a ballet audition?

  1. Do your research. We cannot stress enough how important it is to do your research prior.
  2. Dress appropriately and professionally.
  3. Check yourself at all times.
  4. Start dancing.
  5. Eat well.
  6. Be prepared for everything.
  7. Don’t forget your manners.
  8. Enjoy yourself.

How does a ballet audition work?

Each dance is auditioned separately. The first choreographer to audition their dance will explain a bit about the dance (story, style, theme, etc.) and then show a portion of the dance. Next, any dancer who is interested in being in that dance will get up and learn about 16-24 counts of choreography.

What should I expect at a dance audition?

  • Read all information carefully. Ensure that you read the audition notice a few times.
  • Research the production. Research the company or production you are auditioning for.
  • Be prepared with your documents.
  • Be well presented.
  • Pack light.
  • Warm up.
  • Learn the steps.
  • Stay in place.

How do you prepare for a movement audition?

  1. Practice on-camera.
  2. Practice your freestyle.
  3. Stretch and pack for the day.
  4. Stay focused.
  5. Try not to take it personally.

How do you choreograph a dance audition?


How old are ballet trainees?

PROGRAM. The Sacramento Ballet Trainee Project is a one to two year program for dancers ages 17 and older who are rigorously preparing to enter into a professional career. Acceptance into the program is determined by level of technical achievement and age.

What is a trainee in a ballet company?

TRAINING. Trainees participate in daily ballet technique class, as well as pointe, batterie, and pas de deux classes taught by SF Ballet School faculty members. Trainees rehearse and perform works staged especially for them, and from the classical and contemporary repertory of San Francisco Ballet.


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