How do you care for a jelly bean plant?

Jelly bean succulents are accustomed to long periods of drought with short bursts of moisture. When grown indoors, allow the soil to dry out thoroughly between waterings. Before applying water, wait until the plump leaves of the jelly bean succulent have a ‘puckered’ appearance to ensure that the plant is thirsty.

How often should you water a jelly bean plant?

Watering – For example, in the summer months, your Jelly Beans should be watered deeply once every 7-10 days, sometimes more during a heatwave. In Spring and Fall, where the temperature cools down, your watering should be cut back to once every 10-14 days.

Does jelly bean plant flower?

About Jelly Bean Sedums – stems grow upward and lean when leaves weigh it down. Small yellow flowers appear abundantly in winter to spring during the early years of growth.

What does Overwatered succulent look like?

An overwatered plant will have mushy leaves that feel soft and squishy. What is this? The color of the leaves would appear lighter than a healthy plant, or turn translucent in color. A lot of times an overwatered succulent would drop leaves easily even when lightly touched.

Can you overwater a jelly bean plant?

An overwatered jelly bean plant will have leaves that appear more translucent. Instead of appearing thin and shriveled up, the leaves will be soft and mushy and will fall off very easily when touched even lightly. What is this? Solution: Cut back on watering and wait until the soil is dry before watering again.

Why are the leaves falling off my happy bean plant?

Humidity. Despite its succulent leaves that could lead you to believe that it tolerates dry air, in fact, this plant requires somewhat humid air at all times; otherwise it might lose leaves. It may be necessary to use a humidifier during the winter months to maintain the desired humidity level.

How much water do Jelly Beans need?

Always water in well after planting to settle the soil around the roots and keep the soil lightly moist for several weeks while the new plant establishes. Mulch with an organic mulch, or stones and pebbles ensuring to keep it away from the base of the plant.

How do you trim a jelly bean plant?

If your Jelly Beans is getting bigger than you want or has some unappealing stems, you can easily prune it. This is entirely cosmetic though. To prune, use sharp pruning shears that will make a clean cut without crushing the stem. Keep the cut area dry until it calluses over in a few days.


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