How do you cut arugula so it keeps growing?

Arugula – Cut and Come Again – YouTube

Does arugula keep growing after you cut it?

Arugula will grow back once cut, so don’t pull the stems. Remember, arugula bolts (goes to flower) quickly in the heat. If this happens, strip the stem of its leaves and use both the leaves and flowers in your salads. The stems can be chopped and used to make a pesto.

How do you trim a rocket?

SmartGrowers – How to control bolting salad rocket and mizuna – YouTube

How do you propagate arugula?

Place the arugula stem cuttings in the glass cup. Do not immerse completely the stem cuttings in water. Insert about 25% of the stem cuttings in water. Place the glass cup of water on a windowsill or a well-ventilated place that receives about 6 or more hours of direct sunlight.

Do you cut or pull arugula?

Episode 3: How to Harvest Arugula – You can do this early in the season, as soon as the leaves are a couple of inches long. Later, you can cut up to 1/3 of the plant with shears. As with grazing, the plants will grow back. The third option is pulling out the entire plant.


Arugula – Cut and Come Again – YouTube

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