How do you dance a hora?

Dance the Hora: How to do the Jewish Wedding Dance

How long does a hora last?

Regardless of when you choose to initiate the dance, you’ll want to make sure it lasts for just the right amount of time. The average Hora runs about ten minutes long. It begins with guests standing hand in hand. They step forward and back while moving in a circular motion to the sounds of Israeli folk music.

Why is the hora dance important?

The hora (הורה), which differs somewhat from that of some of the Eastern European countries, is widespread in the Jewish diaspora and played a foundational role in modern Israeli folk dancing. It became the symbol of the reconstruction of the country by the socialistic-agricultural Zionist movement.

How does the hora work?

The hora is a traditional dance performed at Jewish weddings where the newlyweds are lifted into the air while their family and friends dance in circles around them. During the hora, the couple each holds one end of a handkerchief or napkin to signify their union.


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