How do you do a Swingout?

How to Do the Lindy Swing Out | Swing Dance

How do you do the Lindy step?

Lindy Steps – How To Do Lindys – Line Dance

How do you make a Lindy circle?

Swing Dance – The Lindy Circle

How do you swing out Lindy Hop?

Learn a “Forward” Swing Out – Lindy Hop Lesson

What does swing out mean?

Definitions of swing out. verb. make a big sweeping gesture or movement. synonyms: sweep, swing. type of: handle, manage, wield.

What movements are in the Charleston dance?

There are at least 6 versions of the “basic” step: groove walk, kicks, swinging kicks, 20’s twist, 20’s glide, and afro version “reverse twist” Charleston. Each version has its specifics.

What is the purpose of the Charleston dance?

The Charleston is said to be based on the “Juba,” a dance brought to Charleston by enslaved African Americans + performed by dock workers in the early 1900’s. The Juba involves rhythmic stomping, kicking, + slapping, and it became a challenge dance of the American American community at the time.


How to do the Lindy Hop Swing Out

Basic Swing Out

Learn a Swing Out with an Outside Turn at the Top

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