How do you do sip and paint at home?

Paint and Sip at home! | DIY | Paint night/ Date night – YouTube

What do you need for SIP and paint at home?


What do I need for paint night?

  1. Device to play YouTube video.
  2. Two canvases.
  3. Acrylic paint: white, black, magenta, blue and yellow.
  4. paintbrushes.
  5. Water cups.
  6. Paper towels.
  7. Easels (or use a kitchen stool like we did!)
  8. Palette for paint (could also use a paper plate)

What brand of paint does Pinot’s Palette use?

For canvas painting, Pinot’s Palette uses non-toxic, quick-drying acrylic paint. And that’s exactly what we’ll be using for our makeup classes.

How do you make paint and sip?

Sip and Paint Canvas Using Cricut and HTV! – YouTube

Can you make canvas prints with Cricut?

DIY Canvas Art with Your Cricut! Heat Transfer Iron-on Vinyl on Canvases

How do you make canvas paint?

How to Make a Canvas for Painting – Artist Rage – YouTube

Can Cricut draw on canvas?

Drawing onto a canvas using Cricut Design Space – YouTube

How do you make a canvas on Cricut?

How to Apply Vinyl to Canvas | Cricut Maker – YouTube

How do I host a wine and canvas?

How To: Host A Wine and Canvas Party! – YouTube

How do you put vinyl on Cricut canvas?


How do you make a pre sketched canvas?

How to Transfer Your Sketch to Canvas – Justin Hillgrove – YouTube

How do you use HTV on canvas?

How to Add HTV Vinyl to Canvas: DIY Teacher Gift – YouTube

What kind of paint is used in paint and sip?

An acrylic paint set to share.

What is it called when you paint and drink wine?

Mix some paint with some wine, and you have a night out with friends. That’s the concept behind Paint and Sip, a new franchise category. It’s a business that combines happy hour with an art class.

How big are SIP and canvas paints?

If you’ve ever been to one of our classes, or seen photos of them online, you know that our typical canvas size is 16″x20″. It’s always proven to be a popular and convenient style for the paint and sip business, but every once in a while, we like to offer a unique sized canvas!

How can I do paint night at home?

  1. Decide how many tables and chairs you’ll need based on how many people are attending.
  2. Lay table cloths on the tables and set up the easels and the canvases.
  3. Lay brushes, palettes, water cups and paper towels in front of each easel.
  4. Set up an instructional area (if you are doing the teaching).


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