How do you do the Hopak dance?

Learning how to do a traditional Ukrainian Hopak Dance

How do you do the hopak?

How to Russian Kick / Squat Kick/ Kazotsky Kick | Footwork 101

How do you do a Kazotsky kick?

How to do the Kazotsky Kick from Team Fortress 2 (Ukranian Hopak …

Why is it called the Kazotsky kick?

Trivia. The name of this taunt is a play on the word Kazotsky, which is a name for a Ukrainian dance known as the “Hopak”. Another name for this dance is the “Cossack Dance”, a term which is commonly misused to describe the type of Russian folk dance this taunt is parodying.

What does Kazotsky mean?

kazatsky in American English – (kəˈzɑːtski) nounWord forms: plural -skies. a lively, Slavic folk dance for a solo male dancer; kazachok.

How do you join a taunt in tf2?

Any other player (including Bots), regardless of team or if they own the taunt, can join any taunting player by standing close to them and pressing the taunt button. Other players will see an icon above the dancer’s head which indicates if the taunt is active.

What is the original purpose of the Ukrainian hopak dance?

The dance is supposed to evoke a sense of improvisation, so the pace of the music changes from segment to segment, allowing dancers to distinguish themselves.


Virsky – Hopak solos – Вірського Гопак Солісти

How to do the Kazotsky Kick from Team Fortress 2 (Ukranian …

Russian/Ukrainian Dance Tutorials: Hopak (Spinning)

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