How do you edge artificial turf?

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How do you finish the edges of artificial grass?

Your best option is to use galvanized U-pins to secure the edges of your artificial lawn. Another potential alternative is to apply artificial grass adhesive to the paved edging and bond the grass to it, although this may not result in the most aesthetically pleasing of finishes.

How do you hide seams in artificial turf?

There are generally two ways to secure seams in artificial grass. Method 1: Seaming tape and glue. Method 2: Nails. Method 1 involves applying glue to a strip of specialized tape that runs the length of the seam below both pieces of turf.

What kind of edging do you use for artificial grass?

Polyboard edging has become the favorite for synthetic turf contractors. It is fast, economical and when installed correctly will last years to come. Polyboard is superior to other lawn edging products because of its durability. It looks like redwood, but performs like plastic.

What can I use around artificial grass?

  1. Paving Stones. This low-maintenance option still allows for visual appeal.
  2. Wood Chips and Bark. This option is for anybody looking for a natural look.
  3. Steel.
  4. Bendable Borders.
  5. Logs or Wood.
  6. Curbing.
  7. Railroad Ties.

How do you install edging on artificial grass?

Installing artificial turf – trimming and fixing the edges of the artificial turf. Using a sharp knife trim the corners and edges of the artificial turf at the lawn perimeters. Starting at the corners, fix the artificial turf in position using 6 inch galvanised nails at 75cm intervals along the perimeter edges.

Should you see seams in artificial turf?

If the distance between the fiber rows is spaced too wide, not only will the seam be visible, but it will also become very noticeable once you place your infill materials into the synthetic fibers. Leaving too large of gap between the two sections of the seam will cause the seam to be noticeable.


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