How do you fit a shoulder relief cinch?

Shoulder Relief Cinch Explained – by Total Saddle Fit – YouTube

How is a cinch supposed to fit?

The correct way to measure your cinch size is by making sure the buckles of the cinch are clear of the elbow, but yet still below the apex of the curve of the rib cage. The lowest point your cinch should sit is 3-4″ above the elbow. This allows clearance and no interference when riding.

How do you hook up a back cinch?

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How do you tie a cinch strap?

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How tight should a back cinch be on a saddle?

Since a back cinch is designed to hold the saddle snug and prevent the cantle area from riding under frontal pressure, it should fit snug against your horse, but not be tight. Ideal: A properly fitting back cinch should fit around your horse snugly, but not be tight.

What is the purpose of a back cinch?

It’s a safety piece that stabilizes the saddle by attaching with aid of rear billets and a leather hobble strap to the front cinch. The back cinch holds your saddle snug and level to your horse’s barrel, alleviating pressure to his withers because the saddle doesn’t shift forward during maneuvers.

Can you use a regular cinch as a back cinch?

Rear girths are not the same as the girths that are used in the front of your saddle and you should not attempt to use a standard front girth on the rear of your saddle.

How do you get a horse to back cinch?

You want it just tight enough that he can feel it. Do plenty of groundwork before you get on so your horse can get used to the feel of it. Next time, rather than stopping your horse when he bucks, let him move his feet and get used to wearing the back cinch.

How do you use a back cinch on a saddle?

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How do you attach Latigo straps?

How to properly put on a leather Latigo strap to a Western Saddle

How does a shoulder relief cinch work?

The Shoulder Relief Cinch is designed with a 2 inch offset to allow maximum shoulder clearance from the saddle tree. It fixes the physics problem by utilizing the offset in the cinch to redirect the billet line and prevent the saddle from being pulled forward.

Which way do anatomical girths go?

If used correctly, the anatomical shape of the girth sits forward, in between the horses front legs in the forward girth grove, which we are finding is becoming increasingly more common amongst a lot of horses and ponies.

Which way should an anatomical girth go?

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Why is my saddle sliding forward?

If the centre of gravity of the saddle is too far back right from the start, the saddle is again likely to slip forward when the horse is in motion. While riding, the saddle will make its way forward inch by inch. It is also possible that a saddle slips forward because it is too wide.

What is shoulder girth?

Girths are circumference measures at standard anatomical sites around the body. The shoulder girth measurement is a measure of the circumference around the shoulders a couple of inches below the top of the shoulder, going around the arms, chest and back.

How do you measure a horse’s girth?

With your horse standing on a level surface and all treats fully digested, pass the tape measure around his/her body where the girth will rest. Make the two ends meet and pull it snugly. Take a look at the number. This is your horse’s heart girth.

How do you measure girth for a hunt?

How To Measure Your Horse for English & Dressage Girth Size

How do you know if your girth is tight enough?

To get an idea of how tight your particular girth needs to be given all the variables I mentioned above, check the position of your saddle now and then throughout your ride. If it tends to slip to one side or backward toward your horse’s tail, the girth may need to be a hole tighter.


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